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What is Keyboarding and Keyboard – Meaning and Importance, Advantages of Keyboard, for Class 9, 10 and 12 Stenography Vocational


In today’s world computer is necessity of life. Computer works on the principle I/O Cycle i.e. Input → Process → output cycle and input plays an important role in computer operations. There are many input devices available in the market but keyboard is the one device without which no one actually works on the computer. So in this lesson you will learn about the types of keyboards and brief knowledge of word processor.

Keyboard – Meaning and Importance

Keyboards are input devices. An input device is any peripheral or computer hardware that’s used to control signals to your computer. Keyboards, scanners and even gaming controllers are all considered input devices or peripherals.

This is the most common input device which has an arrangement of buttons or keys. It is like a typewriter. Internally, a keyboard contains a matrix of switches and a keyboard controller. When you press a key, its switch gets pressed and when you release a key, its switch gets released. Through pressing & releasing of switches, keyboard controller generates a scan code.

Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes. Gone are the days of simply using the keyboard that comes standard with your desktop computer. Keyboards today offer a selection of features for home or office use—such as integrated dual speakers that provide stereo-quality sound, media consoles that let you play and navigate through your music and specially internet browser controls for an improved internet surfing experience.


Advantages of Keyboard

Most reliable way of inputting data.

Reliable way of inputting text and numbers.

Available in variety of format.


Not useful for entering some specific type of data e.g. picture, diagrams,
voice, video etc.

Very slow while accessing menu options or selecting various objects on screen.

Not much useful for enlarging or changing sizes of windows on screen.


Categories of Keyboards 

Keyboards are divided into three main categories based on input method.

These categories are:

Wired keyboards

Wireless keyboards

Virtual Keyboards


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