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e-Typewriting basics of Computers, Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers in e-Typewriting, for Class 9, 10, 12 and Stenography Vocational

Basics of Computers 

A computer is an electronic device that consists of hardware and software to store, retrieve and process data. The term hardware describes the physical parts of computer which we can physically touch or see such as CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse and other physical parts. Software is set of instructions that instructs the hardware what to do. It guides the hardware how to accomplish each task. One of examples of software is Operating System.

An Operating System (OS) is the most important software that runs on a computer which manages all other software and hardware units on the computer. It also allows to communicate with the computer. In simple words,

we can say that it is an interface between user and hardware. Examples of OS are: DOS, Microsoft Windows 9x, Windows 7, Macintosh, Linux, UNIX etc.


At the time of buying a Software, ensure that it must be registered and have a Licence Number. It helps to prevent unauthorised use of software and takes care of seller’s rights.

Characteristics of Computer

The basic characteristics of computer are given as under:

Speed: A computer can perform Millions of Instructions Per Second (MIPS) which means the computer processes an instruction in microseconds and nanoseconds.

Storage: Enormous amount of data can be stored electronically in considerable less space, and retrieved in a fraction of time.

Accuracy: A computer’s high-speed processing is also accompanied by highly accurate performance.

Versatility: It can perform different types of logical tasks which are programmed according to specific needs of different fields.

Diligence: Computers are highly consistent unlike human beings who have limited physical and mental abilities. They do not get bored or feel tired. Like humans, they do not suffer from lack of concentration after doing a monotonous job. A computer can tirelessly perform the similar operations hundreds of times in exactly the same way and does not make mistakes due to boredom.

Advantages of Computers

Some of the advantages of computers are given as under:

Computers can automate various tasks, once they are given logical sequence.

Computational and calculation works have become easy to perform, thus saving a lot of energy and time.

With Storage of data and files, the information can be used for future reference.

Automatic correction of spellings and grammar to get error-free results is possible with computers. Formatting of documents is another option available to us.

Use of Internet to access any information is one of the most important advantages of computers .

Communication networks are possible.

It is a source of entertainment and widely used by the film industry.

Due to on-line filling of forms, services of various service sectors like banking, insurance, education etc. can be accessed.

Paperless Office and Virtual Office concept being enjoyed by professionals has enhanced overall efficiency and effectiveness of work.

A computer can work on several languages once programmed to do so.

Disadvantages of Computers

As a machine, a computer also has some limitations. Some of these limitations are listed below:

A computer cannot work on its own, i.e., if we do not give particular instructions to perform a job, it cannot generate information on its own.

A computer does not have any self decision-making capability. It takes decisions according to the programmed logical steps provided to it.

Though computers store data and provide security to the data but there is always a fear of theft and misuse of data.

It may have health risks and e-waste has negative impact on  environment.

Additional efforts are required to learn the use of computers and develop software. Change of software, if needed, also requires lot of efforts.

Indiscriminate use of computers for communication may threaten personal bonding in an organization.


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