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Essay on “India’s Nuclear Policy” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

India’s Nuclear Policy

Our leaders, right from Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru down to the Present Prime Minister, said that India does not want to go nuclear in the sense of building up nuclear war- potential. It is now high time, we should give a fresh thought to it. This is essential by the fact that our immediate neighbour under the military  government has acquired a nuclear capacity. Although we have been trying our level best to be a on friendly terms with Pakistan. The leaders of Pakistan have always been thwarting our peaceful and friendly gestures.

The earlier suspicion that Pakistan has been acquiring nuclear material and was getting ready to manufacture a nuclear bomb in a very short time, have confirmed on official grounds. Pakistan now has a military nuclear capability. Another important thing is that Pakistan has purchased the ultra modern nuclear technology from Germany, France and the Netherland. The plant recently secured by Pakistan is for Light Water Reactors (LWRs). Now Pakistan is able to match our nuclear technology and it has become a danger to our national security. It is said the Pakistan has made atom bombs.

What should be our policy in this changed position? There are arguments both for and against manufacturing a nuclear bomb. Now we have to weight and consider them seriously because the Pakistan leaders in place of Zia want to build up their image in their own country as the country’s saviours. By all means they want to prove better rulers, administrator than Zia and their predecessors.

The second consideration against building up a nuclear weapon is that the manufacture of these deadly weapons should be left to the super powers that is U.S.A and Russia. When super powers even are realizing that   nuclear bomb  will bring ruin and disaster to millions of people and the ruin will not remain confined to any particular country, we should be wise enough not to be befooled by any move to manufacture nuclear bomb.

But there is another side of the picture too. We have to guard against the cunning motives which are a part of the diplomacy of Pakistan. Its diplomacy is to deny things in the beginning and making high claims of peace and friendship. Afterwards it admits degree by degree that it has indeed been  making preparations for nuclear capability. We have to see that we are not caught sleeping. We should, therefore, try to continue to make progress in the manufacturing of nuclear capability.

The present situation demands that we should keep our knowledge in the nuclear field up-to- date. So India conducted the first test on May 18, 1974. After this for a long time there was not test employing its nuclear energy for peaceful purposes only. India conducted three nuclear tests on May 11, 1998 at 8 p.m. and two more tests on may 13 , 1998 in Pokhran. These tests provide reassurance to the people of India regarding national security. There was no release of radio-activity into the atmosphere. While India conducted only 6 nuclear tests, the U.S.A conducted 1200, Russia 700 and China 45. So these countries should not criticize the policy of India- India needs no moral sermons.

The Clinton Administration has imposed economic sanctions against India as a result of nuclear test conducted in May 1998, just after the nuclear test the United States and other countries are urging India to sign C.T.B.T. unconditionally. But India ahs its objection: i) The treaty does not take into account India’s security consideration, ii) It does not link to total nuclear disarmament etc. on the positive front Russia was the first  nuclear weapon state to express state to express it willingness to recognize India as a nuclear weapon state.

Addressing a gathering of scientists at the National Physical Laboratory, the Prime Minister. Mr. Vajpayee told that May 11, 1998 will be celebrated as Technology Day or Resurgence Day. It is a tribute to the capacity, caliber and dedication of our nuclear scientists, engineers , technicians, and soldiers. It is also an honour to the country’s achievements in science. Mr. Vajpayee admitted that the country has a long way to go towards fulfillment of the material, social and cultural needs of the common people but national development depends on our national security. Development is inseparable from national security.       


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