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Essay on “Adulteration” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay No. 01


Adulteration is done by antisocial persons who want to make easy money. They mix low quality, cheap, non- edible substances with food and make it adulterated. The cheap, low quality and generally non- edible substances which are purposely mixed with food items  to earn profit, are called ADULTERANTS.

Food adulteration is a serious crime which is punishable under the law. Consumption of  adulterated food can cause serious disorders such as diarrhea, asthma, ulcers, food poisoning, cancer and may even result in death. Consumption of Haldi  adulterated with lead chromate, may lead to serious mental disorders, especially in children. It can also cause anaemia and paralysis. Dhania powder is adulterated by adding powdered cow- dung or horse –dung to it. Milk is adulterated with water and chemical mixture of urea etc. rise with stones and cooking oil with inferior quality oils. Most of the adulterants are very harmful and toxic.

More than 54 people had died in Delhi due to mustard oil and several hundreds were hospitalized. Several days after this tragedy Delhi Government and other states banned the sale of mustard oil. This adulteration caused swelling of legs, loss of eye- sight, damage to liver, heart and kidneys resulting in different types of death. Greed and profit motive encourages the businessman for adulteration because the culprits responsible for adulteration are not punished seriously to that level which make them human killer.

The investigation by the crime branch indicates that if P.F.A. (Prevention of Food Adulteration) department have been more alert and dutiful , this tragedy would have been adverted. The P.F.A had received complaints but it simply sat over the complaints. It did not take any action. In order to prevent the adulteration of food- the Government has laid down certain rules as the prevention of food Adulteration Acts and Rules and Food Products Orders, to keep a check on the quality of various food products manufactured.

The Bureau of Indian Standards inspects the various food products manufactured. If the products have the standard quality needed, the certificate is issued. The various certificates of reliability are the F.P.O.(Food Products Order) mark, the I.S.I. (Indian Standard Institution) mark and the AGMARK (Agriculture Marketing).

In order to test the purity of the various food items, most of the big cities have food testing laboratories. To keep a check, the officials of the health department take samples of common food products from different shops and send them to the food laboratories for analysis. In case an adulterated food is detected. The manufacturer and the shop- keeper who is selling such a product, is prosecuted and punished according to the law.

There is hardly any item in the Indian market, which is not adulterated. Research has shown that even fruits, vegetables and cereals, sold in the market, are said to contain high levels of  toxic metals like lead, nickel , cadmium, and chromium. Adulteration spares nothing when a spirit of becoming quickly rich, over –rules the moral ground. Even the simple water is not spared. Under the well known brand name- mineral water is reused filling with tube well water and is sold to weary thirsty train passengers.

Adulteration like corruption is deep-rooted. It is not limited to mustard oil in Delhi. A  flourishing racket of petrol, diesel and mobile oil adulteration is going on in the capital (Delhi). Some solvent used for painting purposes are brought to petrol pump and they are mixed with petrol in right proportion so that the content looks and smells exactly like petrol. A very common solvent used for this purpose and found easily in the market is light motor oil (LTO).

Adulteration is a fatal crime against society. We have a law against adulteration but like other social laws, it is rarely enforced. The responsible officers and politicians do not take any action against social fatal evil until it takes the form of a big tragedy and becomes the heading of newspapers. Same is the case with Adulteration. In short, government wakes up only when Adulteration results in fatal tragedy. “We have no business to make laws when we have no intention to enforce them- the prevention of Food Adulteration Act and other.”


Essay No. 02



Adulteration is one of the trickiest problems we are facing today. It is because the adulterators are too cunning people to be caught easily. Moreover, they seem to be hand and glove with the police and health authorities that be.

It is most unfortunate that today we can hardly get anything in pure form. Milk which is a kind of nectar from God and is meant most for children, expectant mothers, invalids and old people is one of the most adulterated things. What we get is not pure milk of the cow or the buffalo but the chemical milk prepared by mixing several obnoxious things such as caustic soda, fertilizers, detergent powders, shampoo, etc. with refined oil.

The seeds of papaya are mixed in black pepper. There is corn flour or maida or wheat flour mixed in besan. We find the horse dung in tea leaves. There is sand in sugar. There are toxic insecticides in spices. The vegetables are washed in dangerous colouring chemicals and so on.

In fact, we can’t get any eatable in pure form. Then there are medicines which instead of curing a disease can deteriorate it. The fake toilet soap we get in the market can cause rashes on skin and perhaps even cancer. Similarly, we find several carcinogenic ingredients mixed in eatables. Sweets are coloured with most harmful colours. Surprisingly, toxic elements have been found even in items of well-established renowned multinational companies manufacturing cold drinks, chocolates, etc.

Clearly, if urgent, drastic steps against the adulterators are not taken, the health of the whole nation may be in danger. These adulterators should be given severe punishments, including capital punishment


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