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Essay on “Laser And Its Magic” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Laser And Its Magic

Laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. It stands for a device that produces a thin, intense beam of light. This light can burn a hole in a diamond or carry the signals of many different televisions pictures at the same time. It has revolutionized its use in medicine, scientific  research, communication, industry and military operations.

There are four characteristics distinguishing laser from the light of an electric bulb, a fluorescent lamp or sun. The light of these bulbs or lamps travels in all directions. But as regards laser light, it is directional. It travels only in one direction, in a narrow parallel beam. It is coherent. The light waves are all ‘ in-step’ with one another. It means that laser light has one frequency. It has only one colour in place of seven colours. It is very bright. Its brightness can damage the looking eyes. The laser beam cutting a sheet metal can be increased to one million watts per square centimeter.   

Laser light has many uses. Industrial lasers cut teeth in saws, drill eyes in surgical needles. A laser beam can be used  to melt or cut hard materials. In communication, a laser is used to transmit voice messages and television signals. Being operated at a high frequency. Laser can carry much more information than radio waves. It can transmit many telephone calls and T.V. programmes at the same time, without any interference.

Scientists use laser in scientific research to separate isotopes of uranium. These isotopes are essential for processing uranium as a fuel for nuclear reactors. Lasers can identify a criminal’s finger prints left on objects after forty years. In recent years laser surgery is regarded a successful process. The  laser beam is pure energy, so it sterilizes and seals blood vessels as it goes. Lasers can operate internally without cutting open the skin and muscle. It can be easily understood with example – supposing that a patient has an ulcer or a tumor, the doctor will insert into the patient an instrument called a ‘ flexible fiber scope’ to  verify his doubt. The flexible fiber scope is a special form of laser which enables light to travel round bends so that the surgeon can inspect the inside of patient’s stomach without cutting. If there is any wrong inside the stomach, the diseased body tissue can be burnt away to increase the intensity of the laser light.     

The laser is immensely valuable in eye surgery. Retina welding  can be done to make laser light shine at the patient’s eye. The heat of the laser beam welds the retina back into place. At present we are using laser to unblock arteries, to reconnect severed nerves, to remove warts, to remove birth marks and to treat bleeding ulcers. In addition to this, laser beams are used to guide bombs and artillery shells to their targets in military operations.


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