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Turbo C++ for 64 bit Computer system download, Educational Software for Computer Science, 11 and 12 CBSE.

Today Technology change rapidly, Computer system become more and more accurate and fast. In this addition today 64 bit & 128 bit computers systems become common for all. These systems are much faster and accurate compare old 16 bit & 32 bit computer systems. But these changes also bring some troubles. Turbo C++ is not support or run in 64 bit or 128 bit Computer Systems. This is the common problem, Thousands of students presently learn Turbo C & C++ but they don’t have Turbo C++ 64 bit compatible version. DOSBox is one of the best solution for this common problem facing thousands of students during programming.


Click here for Download DOSBox C++:  Download C++ Windows 64 Bit

This software is specially designed for All college students by me. Since i  know that even today most of the colleges teach C programming language in one of the oldest iDe(Integrated development Environment) available i.e.TurboC which is in no way compatible with the latest version of windows like windows 7. One of the greatest problem of it is not availability of full screen mode. But in 64bit it doesn’t run at all because of unavailability of 16bit dos Subsystem in it. So it is a great problem for students to hunt for a new iDe and cope with it. So i now made it possible for them to use the age old turbo C which most students and teachers are familiar with, to be able to run in windows 7 or vista may it be 32bit or 64bit, with the help of some utilities like Dosbox and other useful tools.

Now you can enjoy your programming in your favorite TurboC++3.0 without getting bothered by incompatibility issues with windows.

Microsoft Windows 7(R) and Vista(R) are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, TurboC++ 3.0 is the registered trademarks of Borland Corporation.

This software is free to use, and you are free to modify or distribute this to anyone just make sure that you also distribute this license to them.

Happy Programming.















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