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Solved Exercise for Precis writing with Title “Specialization in modern age” for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Fully Solved Precis Exercise

A hundred—years ago there was much less specialization in work than there is today. One furniture—maker would make the whole of a table—indeed, perhaps, all the furniture needed to furnish a house, and he worked in a simple workshop, probably entirely with hand tools. The furniture he made was very good and very beautiful, but it would take him a long time to make it. The output of one man was, by modern standards small, and the cost of the furniture relatively high. Only the fairly wealthy could afford a great deal. Most modern furniture is made in factories with the aid of machinery. So now—a—days a man working in a furniture factory will, perhaps, spend his day minding one machine which carries out one process only in the making of table legs. A great number of men will be taking part in the various processes which go to making the table, and by this division of labour a great many tables will be made in a comparatively short time. A good workman, however, should understand all the processes which go to make the table, even though he himself actually does only one of them. In the making of more complicated things, such as cars or elaborate pieces of electrical machinery, even this is not possible.  ii is very likely even that all the processes do not go on in the same factory.

Aids to Vocabulary

  1. Complicated -intricate 2. Conveyor -one who conveys or calls 3. Elaborate -detailed

Points for Precis Writing

  1. About a century back, there was much less specialization, and an individual was responsible for a lot of work.
  2. In modern time an individual is supposed to do just a part of the entire job.
  3. By specialization much more work can be done at a lesser cost.
  4. In modern life, everyone has to depend on everybody else’s work. One’s own work appears to be insignificant.
  1. This has its own drawbacks, like the evasion of responsibility, it has become difficult to hold a person responsible, when his work is a minor fraction of the entire job.


About a century back, there was much less specialization and almost every individual was responsible for the entire work. But in this age of specialization, an individual plays a very minor role, in the entire process of manufacture of goods. At times the factories themselves do only a part of the work. Obviously in our age, everyone has become dependent on everyone else’s work. The contribution of an individual is too trivial to draw any attention. This has brought in the feeling that one man’s contribution does not matter much. It has also brought in the tendency of evasion of responsibility, as it has become very difficult either to appreciate an individual if the product is good or to condemn him if it is otherwise.

 Suggested Title

  1. i) Specialization in modern age
  2. ii) Specialization and Workman


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