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Solved Exercise for Precis writing “The Relevance of the Republic” Precis for Class 9, 10, 11, 12 and Government Exams.

The inauguration of the Republic of India is an act of high faith in the people of this country, a gesture of dedication of all the nation’s talent and resources to the realisation of worthy purposes. It amounts to an implicit pledge on the part of every Indian that he will, to the extent of his strength and capability, uphold the honour of his country augment her strength for good and persuasively convey to a distracted world her immemorial message of “Abhaya A democratic republic, which is what our Constitution antis to build, is one in which the worth of the individual is not submerged in the collective will but sustains it.

In such a polity, no man may walk on crutches or regard P business as no concern of his. Every citizen must remember that if matters go wrong with the State, it is he that is ultimately responsible. He must, therefore, not only acquire by study enough familiarity with the working of the machinery of Government through which democracy functions. He must understand the basic problems which have to be tackled if the good life is to be realised here and now. He must have the strength of character which alone is a nation’s true capital. And above all, he must have the will to put his shoulders to the wheel and push and pull, never getting out of step with his fellows, never seeking shortcuts, never succumbing to the temptation to find scapegoats.

August 1947 has sobered down with the exercise of responsibility in conditions, to have survived which is itself a triumph. We have had too many things to do. And we have tried to do too many things at a time. Trained capacity has not matched with ambition. Power went to the head of too many who had done little to generate it, but who swarmed to it as flies to sugar. The sharing of responsibility is a spiritual process for which men must devoutly prepare themselves. The greatest lack that Swaraj has revealed is that, behind the brilliant band of patriots who under the Mahatma’s lead won freedom, there has been built up practically no second line of defence, no phalanx of younger statesmen to whom the torch could be handed without a flicker and in whose hands it might be trusted to burn as bright as ever. For Republican India, it is as necessary as it was for India struggling to be free, to keep the crusading spirit alive. Only the crusade must be turned against the enemy within. The Constitution has provided us with the shell of Democracy. It is up to us to invoke life into it. The Puranic legends of Creation speak of the Virat lying prone on the face of the waters, unresponsive of any of the lesser powers that entered until at last the Supreme Spirit entered and forthwith the Virat moved. We may regard this as a parable of our present political situation. The Republic of Weimar drew up an admirable Constitution which became waste paper because the Republic had no fire in its belly. It is that fire, that energy of life that must be roused in the dormant consciousness of the people if India is to build up a fair, equitable and viable polity and full life for her millions. (557 words)


Solved Précis

Title:-The Relevance of the Republic

Making India a Republic is symbolic of committing the entire wealth of the nation for worthy causes. Besides, the Republic is indicative of the Indian people’s will to uphold the honour of their country, to augment its strength, and to convey to the distracted world, its message of ‘Abhaya’ The people’s collective will, rather than submerge their individual worth, will sustain that worth. Moreover, the Republic will enable the people to recognise their responsibilities and to consider themselves as their masters. It will encourage them to understand the functioning of their governments, to contribute their bit to failures, welfare, and to suppress their tendency to find excuses for

But unfortunately, the state of India since Independence does not do justice to these noble aspirations. The major disappointment is that talent capable of matching that of our freedom fighters is not forthcoming. The leadership after Independence has been tending to be corrupt. The Constitution that the Republic brings into effect should be capable of stemming this tide of decay. It is up to us to make the Constitution work efficiently and effectively, by breathing life into it. (186 words)


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