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Solved Exercise for Precis writing “Pokhran Explosion in Perspective” Precis for Class 9, 10, 11, 12 and Government Exams.

Precis Exercise 

World reaction to India’s nuclear explosion has so far been on expected lines. Bhutto has been terribly upset. The western powers particularly the U.S. are not exactly happy and the Afro-Asian countries of the Third World have taken it in their stride. The reasons for this varying reaction are not so difficult to understand. Pakistan’s leaders seem incapable of reconciling themselves to the realities of the sub-continent, and they have missed no opportunity to tarnish the Indian image. Bhutto naturally cannot stomach India acquiring nuclear capability, particularly so soon Pakistani illusions (mostly nurtured by its western Ire of military superiority had been rudely shattered gladesh. The Afro-Asian countries of the Third World have not reacted adversely because they have no axe to grind against India and have through experience, come to accept India as a friend. As for the United States and some other western powers, their policy ever since India became independent has been not to encourage, in the name of maintaining the military balance in the region, it’s becoming powerful and its suddenly acquiring nuclear status has upset all their calculations

Much is being made of the Indian explosion not being in tune with the international efforts to arrest the spread of nuclear weapons. No country can be guiltier of nuclear proliferation or has conducted more nuclear tests than the United States, whatever the validity of the reasons for all that. Since the Partial Test Ban Treaty (outlawing all but underground tests) was signed in August 1963, the United States has conducted, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. 260 underground tests, 30 of them in the very year following the coming into force of the Non-proliferation Treaty which it co-fathered with the Soviet Union. And these are only the officially reported tests: it has long been U.S. policy not to announce all tests for national security reasons. The NPT is one of the most unequal international treaties ever signed because while it prohibited the nuclear have-nots from acquiring nuclear capability, it left the haves free to add to their arsenals. The exclusiveness of the so-called nuclear club which was sought to be preserved through the NPT has now been ended by India which, incidentally, is not a signatory to the treaty. Before they warn other countries of the dangers of nuclear proliferation, the Big Powers should first start dismantling their own stockpiles instead of going on adding to them as they are doing.

Despite the Prime Minister and other official spokesmen repeatedly saying that India has no intention to go in for atomic weapons, and its experiments are meant solely for putting the atom to peaceful use, the suspicion is bound to exist in the outside world that India will secretly make the bomb. This cannot be helped. The history of the last years has shown that Indian intentions have often been suspect in certain foreign eyes. Some militant groups within the country may also mount pressure on the Government to make the bomb, but it can be relied upon to resist such pressures. At the same time, it cannot renounce nuclear weapons for all time to come considering there are others armed with such weapons, not all of them well-disposed towards our country. This makes it necessary for India to keep its options open, even while concentrating on using its new power for peaceful purposes only. (560 words)


Solved Precis


Title:-Pokhran Explosion in Perspective

The World’s reaction to India’s nuclear explosion is as expected. If one part, is critical, the other is neutral. A group of western countries and Pakistan are unhappy about the explosion, but for different reasons. If Pakistan fears that India’s achievement of nuclear capability, shortly after defeating it in the Bangladesh war, will further undermine it, the western countries are surprised that India could do, what they never expected it to; what can upset their assessment of India. On the other hand, however, developing countries which consider India their ally, are unconcerned about the development.

The chief criticism is that India’s action is against the international initiative to eliminate nuclear weapons. But the nuclear powers, because they are adding to their nuclear weapon stockpiles, are themselves guilty of nuclear proliferation. Hence, before criticizing India, these powers should dismantle their collection of weapons. Though India is against making nuclear weapons, the feeling that she may exist. Nevertheless, considering that countries inimical to India have nuclear weapons, India, besides harnessing nuclear energy for development, should keep its nuclear weapons options open. (180 words)


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