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Solved Exercise for Precis writing “True Internationalism of India” for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

India will find herself again when freedom opens out new horizons and the future will then fascinate her far more than the immediate past of frustration and humiliation. She will go forward with confidence, rooted in herself and yet eager to learn from others and cooperate with them. Today she swings between a blind adherence to her old customs and a slavish imitation of foreign ways. In neither of these can she find relief or growth. It is obvious that she has to come out of her shell and take full part in the life equally obvious that there can be no real cultural or spiritual growth based on imitation. Such imitation can only be confined to a small number who cut them national life. True the world but it is ho the people. Art and literature remain lifeless if they are continually thinking of foreign models.

We in India do not have to go abroad in search of the past and the distant. We have them here in abundance. If we go to foreign countries is in search of the present. The world of Emerson’s time has changed and old barriers are breaking down, life becomes more international. We have to play our part in this coming internationalism and for this purpose we must travel, meet others, learn from them and understand them. But a real internationalism is not something in the air without roots or anchorage. It has to grow out of national cultures, can only flourish today on a basis of freedom and equality and true internationalism. It was India’s way in the past to welcome and absorb other cultures. That is much more necessary today for we march to the one world of tomorrow where national cultures will be intermingled with the international culture of the human race. We shall seek wisdom and knowledge wherever we can find them, but we are no suppliants for others’ favours and patronage.

(Jawaharlal Nehru : Epilogue to Discovery of India)

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Title:- True Internationalism of India

True Internationalism India on achieving freedom will be fascinated by the possibilities of future more than her past. She will face that future with confidence and will try to benefit from the experience of others. At present her growth is stagnant because of her conservatism. She cannot progress in this modern age by sticking to the old traditions and mechanically imitating others. In order to evolve a true culture, inspiration has to be derived from every part of the world and nurtured according to the country’s genius.

In this new era life has become more international and interdependent than was in Emerson’s time. We have to acquaint ourselves pendent than was in Emerson are of other countries and the experiences with the civilization so gathered have got to be assimilated with our national culture, for without that no internationalism is possible. This had been India’s way in the past and is much more necessary in the present age.

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