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Solved Exercise for Precis writing “Definition of a Book” for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

All books are divisible into two classes, the books of the hour and books of the time. Mark this distinction-it is not one of quality only. It is not merely the bad book that does not last, and the good one that does. It is a distinction of species. There are good books for the hour and good ones for all time; bad books for the hour and bad ones for all time. I must define the two kinds before I go further.

The good book of the hour, then-I do not speak of the bad ones-i simply the useful or pleasant talk of some person whom you cannot otherwise converse with printed for you. Very useful often, telling you what you need to know very pleasant often, as a sensible friend present talk would be. These bright accounts of travels: good humored and witty discussions of questions; lively or pathetic story-telling in the form of novels; firm fact-telling by the real agents concerned in the events of passing history-all these books of the hour, multiplying among us as education becomes general, are a particular characteristic and possession of the present age; we ought to be entirely thankful for them and entirely, ashamed of ourselves if we make no good use of them. But we made the worst possible use if we allow them to usurp the place of true books; for strictly speaking, they are not books at all, but merely letters or newspapers in good print. Our friends’ letters may be delightful, or necessary, today: whether worth keeping or not, is to be considered. The newspapers may be entirely proper at breakfast time, but assuredly it is not reading for all day. So, though bound up in a volume, the long letter which gives you so pleasant an account of the inns and roads and weather last year at such a place, or which tell you that such and-such events however valuable for occasional reference, may not be in the real sense of the word, a ‘book’ at all, not in the real sense to be ‘read’. A book is essentially not a talked thing written, not with a view of mere communication, but of permanence. The book of talk is printed only because its author cannot speak to thousands of people at once, if he would he could-the volume is mere multiplication of his voice. You cannot talk to your friend in India; if you could, you would, you write instead: that is mere conveyance of voice, but a book is written, not to multiply the voice merely, not to carry it merely but to preserve it. The author has something to say which he perceives to be true and useful, or helpfully beautiful. So far as he knows, no one has yet said it; so far as he knows, no one else can say it. He is bound to say it; clearly and melodiously if he may clearly, at all events. In the sum of his life he finds this to the thing or group of things manifest to him; this is the piece of true knowledge or sight, which his share of sunshine and earth has permitted him to seize. He would fain, set it down for ever: engrave it on rock, if he could: saying, this is the best of me, I ate and drank, and slept: and hated, like another; my life was the vapour, and is not but: this saw and knew: this if anything of mine, is worth your memory.” This is his “writing”: it is in his small human way, and with whatever Agree of true inspiration is in him, his inscription or scription or scripture. That is a ‘Book’.

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Title:- Definition of a ‘Book’

 Books are generally classified as the books of the hour and the c books of the time. The distinction between the two is not merely of quality, but of species. There are both good and bad books for the hour f and for all times. The good books of the hour are those which tell you something pleasant or useful as a sensible friend’s conversations would be. This may be in the form of travel accounts, instructions, discussions, lively and pathetic stories in the form of novels. Such books are a particular characteristic of the present age and are being produced in increasing numbers. Strictly speaking these are not books at all, but merely letters and newspapers in good print. Such books are printed because the author cannot speak to thousands of people at once. The author does not want to magnify his voice simply to reach many, but to preserve it for all the times. The author seeks to convey his unique knowledge, experience and perception in an interesting and intelligible style. He gives his best which may be worth your memory. The book is thus the personality of the author represented in print.

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