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Solved Exercise for Precis writing “Indian Villager” for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Indian villager is not merely the subject of an academic, psychological or sociological study. The Planning Commission and the Central and State legislatures are laying down plans and enacting legislation in which he is the pivotal figure. Unless there is a clear conception of what he is and what he stands for and the environment in which he lives and works the result may well be entirely different from what everyone intends.

It is an unfounded aspersion to look upon the average resident of le village as an unintelligent person incapable of recognizing where is own interests lie. The result is that many of his mentors do not understand him or his problems. He has inherited a splendid tradition arming methods suited to the conditions that have prevailed in the try for centuries and he is willing to work hard. It is true that conditions are changing and he will have to revise his techniques. He is eager to do so if the advantages of a change are clearly brought to him. But it is really fortunate that he does not change his ways every passing whim that seizes politicians and administrators He experience of field conditions, on the strength of a brief visit or a newspaper article about what is supposed to be happening in some foreign country. Progressiveness in this sense might spell chaos and rum. He possesses normal instincts and prejudices of peasants all the world over and is no more willing to surrender his land to a collective farm than peasants anywhere else. Many countries which had gone over to collectivization seem to be feeling a need for a revision of their agricultural policies. But our farmer is not at all averse to co-operation; if he can be assured that it is not intended to be a half-way house to collectivization. His weather lore is not pure science: it contains much over generalization but is not pure nonsense either. In any case if he is not more science-minded; it is because science has not been so far brought to him in a more digestible form. And he is fast changing as literacy increases. Even without being literate he tries to derive the fullest advantages from better seed and manures and agricultural implements. He is more caste-ridden than his opposite number in the town, to some extent, but the castes come more in contact with one another in the country than they do in the town. But with all this the man in the village is not an angle. He is not more altruistic than other people and will commit a crime with as much eagerness as a man from the city should his interest or his passion dictates such a course of action. Any planning or legislation based on the foundations of a figment of the imagination will be a founder on the rock of unreality.

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Title:- Indian Villager

The Indian villager is not a subject only of academic studies, but is pivotal figure of the planning in India. A clear conception of his needs and his aspirations is necessary to materialize the object of the planning. There is a general lack of understanding above the rural folk. The average villager is quite intelligent to know his interest. He is keen to pace with the changing times, but it is fortunate that he is shrewd enough not to change his ways with every passing whim of the politician and administrators. Like farmers of other countries, he is not willing to surrender his land to a collective farm. It does not mean that an Indian farmer is averse to co-operation. His knowledge of weather may not be purely scientific, but certainly is not nonsense. He is keen to derive the best advantage of better seeds and other improved means of agriculture. As compared to urban people he is more caste-ridden. He will commit a crime like a man from town if his interest or his passion so dictates. A planning or legislation based on scanty understanding of the villager is surely to fail.

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