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Shorthand Dictation “Distribution Policy” 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 6



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Mr. Vice- Chairman, Sir, at the very outset, I cannot help pointing out that / wheat procurement had distribution policy of the government of India has been marked by a // “stop- go” attitude both in respect of governmental as well as private trade effort. Almost///. Over right a decisions was taken at the AICC session held in Bombay (1) that Government should take over the  procurement and distribution of wheat through State agencies. I / am aware that even earlier the party in power was wedded to this ideology. My // point is that the decision was arrived at  without adequate home work. It is one /// thing to formulate resolutions and another to implement them. A political party can  easily indulge (2) in the past time of drawing up resolutions than for any Government could procure enough wheat for distribution and take care that the /// vulnerable sections of the people are served fully through procurement efforts on the part of (3) state agencies and the private traders.

However, an one following the development readily knew that / quite a few state Governments either did not understand the intent behind the new policy // or were unwilling to make it a success, for reasons of their own. In fact /// the policy was implemented by Punjab and Haryana. The home State of the Prime Minister (4) has hardly helped the distribution system.

While saying this I should like to add that / the traders over pitched the claim to procure wheat.  I can understand government machinery making wrong // estimates   about wheat crop and the procurement policy but it is extraordinary that the /// traders should have made such a grievous error. Possibly, the traders though it politics to (5) exaggerate their capacity so that it might be acceptable to the authorities on the one / hand and also persuade – the farmer to part with their stocks on the other once// a psychology of plenty was created. The farmer in India is no less a businessman /// than a trader. He assessed the situation and sat on the stocks for larger gains. (6/360)


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