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Essay, Biography or Paragraph on “Sadhak Ramprasad” complete biography for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Sadhak Ramprasad

Sadhak Ramprasad was born at a remote village named Kumarhatto in the neighbourhood of  Halisahar in Nadia district in West Bengal in the year, 1720. His father’s name was Ramram Sen. Halisahar is a, holy place, regarded with sanctity as it is the birth place of Iswar Puri, the Guru of Srichaitanya and the birth place of Rani Rashmoni, founder of Dakshineswar Kali Temple and the other eminent persons.

Even in his childhood, Ramprasad was Very intelligent. In his school days, he had learnt grammar, Naya (Logic), Kavya with sincerity.

During his time Bengal was under the Muslim ruler; so Urdu and Parsi languages were compulsory among other subjects in the school days. Ramprasad also learnt these languages very well which helped him in his service in the local government. At the age of twenty two years he married Sarbani Devi.

Then all on a sudden, his father expired and to maintain the whole family, he went to Kolkata for service. Here, he got a service in the Estate of  Durgacharan Mitra as an accountant and his pay was fixed at the rate of Rupees thirty per month. After sometime it was found that the Ledger-Book was filled with devotional songs instead of profit and loss figures.

Though it was a punishable offence and his colleagues reported this to the Jamindar. But it became a boon to Ramprasad. By seeing this, the Jamindar was overwhelmed with delight as he was intelligent as also of religious bent of mind. Due to the grace of the Holy mother Goddess Kali, the Jamindar relieved him of his service and sanctioned Rupees thirty per month as a pension during his lifetime. Then he returned to Halisahar and started Sadhana on the seat of a “Panch-Mundi” asana (five heads of different animals including man). From that time he came to known not only in his locality but the country at large as “Sadhak Ramprasad”.

He composed numerous songs, which are of great devotional and intellectual quality and also of high literary value. His songs have been classified into — Hymns, Devotional Songs, Self-knowledge, Ultimate-knowledge and Enquiry etc.

Now a days Ramprasad is known to his countrymen as a poet as well as great devotee who devoted himself to the spiritual betterment of humanity. His Sakta – Padabali” is prescribed in the syllabus of students in colleges and Universities. His devotional songs were highly admired and regularly sung by Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa Deva and other devotees.

For his substantial contribution to Bengali literature through his hymns, poems, devotional songs etc. the literary society of Bengal felicitated him by the title “Kavi-Ranjan.” Among his famous literary works are, “Vidyasundar Kavya” and “Kali-Kirtan” — the songs of Goddess Kali etc. To adore him as a great Sadhak and for his literary contribution, the then king or the Zamindar of Nadia district (in West Bengal) Maharaja Krishnachandra offered him 100 Bighas or 33 acres of tax-free land for the maintenance of his family etc.

It is hearsay that at the end, he left his mortal body in the water of the river gauges in Halisahar in 1799 singing the devotional songs with the image of the Goddess Kali on his head.


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