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Shorthand Dictation “College facilities” 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 5




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Mr. Vice Chairman, Sir, I am surprised by some of the facets of this whole/ question. The hon. Minister has tried to defend a totally indefensible matter. There is a // jumble of statistics given; some figures are quoted as to how many have graduated from/// a college which does not have a campus, a hostel, a library, a clinic. There (1) are no facilities. The college has been moving from one place to another. It is / a mythical college, a college on paper. It is producing graduates in a subject as // important as medicine and the hon. Minister says there is no difficulty. He says that /// it has functioned for several years. I would submit that this is an  wrong assertion (2) to make. It is incredible. If this were the case, if hostels, research facilities, clinics, / libraries, none   of these  were necessary  in medical colleges and if without these you can // have graduates, then why have this façade of a medical college? Why don’t you go /// through this ad- hocism in all institutions and  produce graduates? It is an indefensible situation (3) nowhere in the world, I think, would be able to find an example to match / this example.

The minister in his statement said that because there were more pre- medical // students , therefore, it became necessary to create a medical college. So this was the genesis. /// but why  were there more pre-medical students?  was there no planning? You create a (4) medical college because you have created a surplus of pre- medical students. how do you/ Crete a surplus? Do you would go beyond the routine of cooking up figures and statistics to defend/// an indefensible case. I would request the hon . Minister to let me know how much (5) has been spent on this mythical college during the last ten years on this college without any hostel, without any // library and without any research unit and how much do we intend spending in the /// next four or five years. When will this college come to function as a medical college? (360 words)


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