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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 50

new-doc-47_8I would like to remind you of the Simla Summit and would say that Simla Summit was the result of 20 some thinking made which we preferred friendship with Pakistan instead of a war. The then Prime Minister, Shrimati Indira Gandhi, 40 was also guided by that thinking. To develop friendly relations with Pakistan has been our national policy. But some people are 60 absorbed with the ghost of Pakistan and that ghost is haunting them. I have no remedy for those people. Two 80 types of thinking work in the functioning of the Government. Suppose, the country is attacked from outside, in that case, 100 we must give befitting reply, but to create an atmosphere of hatred on the presumption that we will be 120 attacked is absolutely wrong. I am astonished to note that the fear of ghost is haunting both, the rightists and 140 leftists alike and that is why they put forward the view that moves for reconciliation or extending hand of friendship towards 160 Nawaz Sharif will jeopardise the honor and unity of the country. India has firm faith on its self-confidence and 180 endeavor. I am confident that if some body tries to hoodwink us, it is neither going to weaken our armed 200 forces nor will it affect our defense preparedness. But one thing that we must remember is that, if an atmosphere 220 of tension is created between India and Pakistan, it would be unfortunate. But the history stands testimony to the fact 240 that if this tension spreads to village level and hence we must understand its repercussions. We want this atmosphere of tension 260 to end and that is why we want to ease tension with Pakistan. Some people are horribly upset at my 280 talking to Nawaz Sharif on telephone. But there is nothing like that. I do not discuss with him love stories 300 which should annoy anybody. It should not be made an issue of rivalry. But if the Prime Minister of Pakistan 320 is interested in developing friendly relations with us, should I tell him that I do not have faith in him 340 or that I want strained relations with his country? If the Prime Minister of Pakistan takes one step towards friends hip, 360 I, as the Prime Minister of India, shall go five steps forward towards creating basic conditions for friendly relations.

            India 380 is a big country and, therefore, it has some responsibilities of its region. It is not a question of few persons 400 sentiments. The regional powers of the world are for aging unity and we along with our neighboring countries, which were once part 420 of India are coming closer to rise as a new power.   


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