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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 51

new-doc-47_9I would like to tell my friend that there can be a dispute on whether to retain Article 370 20 in the State or not, but he must remember that this is not the result of appeasement of any particular 40 community. The people of Kashmir decided to merge into India under special circumstances. Another thing, that we must not forget, 60 is that when the people of Kashmir decided to merge into India, Muslims were in majority there and the armed 80 forces of Pakistan had entered into the Valley. But the people of Kashmir under the leadership of late Sheikh Abdullah 100 decided to link their destiny with India because they had faith on Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Maulana Azad. At 120 that time, these leaders had given a word to the people of Kashmir and that promise was vindicated in the form 140 of article 370 by the Constituent Assembly. A special treatment, in a very limited sense, is being given 160 to the people of Kashmir to keep that promise. If we start thinking the way my friend has given air 180 to his views, we shall not only be negating our history, but shall also be creating an atmosphere of distrust 200 for the future. We must understand this aspect of the problem.

            I have a great regard for my colleague Shri Soz. 220 I am of the view that wherever the armed forces and other security forces are deployed for maintaining law 240 and order, they work under strain, and as a result sometimes excess are committed. But it is not proper 260 to create an atmosphere to condemn the security forces by saying that they are indulging only is arson, loot and 280 rape. FI would like to ask the Hon’ble Members of the House that Army is there since 1947-48 300 and have they ever heard about the excesses committed by the Army? Have they ever heard about loot by the 320 Army? Now when a secessionist agitation is going on there, other people are indulging. There is insurgency. Such allegations are 340 being made against our Army.

            My. Deputy Speaker, Sir, I also know this matter and keep close watch on it. 360 Excesses were committed at 2-3 places. Is it not true that Army officers have taken legal action against 380 such personnel and they were court martialed. I do not say that no mistake has been committed but it is 400 wrong to say that the entire Army or security forces have become tyrant.


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