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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 1

Dictation – 1 (5 mins)

1Mr. Deputy Speaker, Sir, first of all, I would like to congratulate the Hon’ble Minister of finance for presenting a very good budget. It will provide a lot of relief to the poor and the common man in the country. Sagar district is very backward from the irrigation point of view. That is why I want to draw the attention of the Hon’ble minster towards this regional imbalance. Hon’ble dubey was saving that irrigation facilities were available to the per cent areas in his constituency but in case of my area this figure is only 3 per cent. It is unfortunate that so meager irrigation facilities are available even after so many years of independence. Survey for Binna river project is being conducted for the last 15 to 20 years but it has not been given final approval so far. Clearance should be given to this project at the earliest so that irrigation facilities can be provided and agricultural production can be provided and agricultural production can be increased. My district is basically an agricultural district. Demands for setting up of an agricultural college there have been pending for a long time. An agricultural college must be opened there. There has been a long standing demand for the establishment of an agricultural research centre in my area but I fail to understand the reason for delay since an assurance was given. An agricultru4ral college in Sagar district is badly needed. Madhya Pradesh particularly, the Sagar district, has been facing severe drought for the last 4 or 5 years. In the absence of rains and seasonal rains during winter months, the situation has become miserable there. The farmers and everyone else are undergoing great hardship die to acute shortage of water so much so even drinking water is not available. I would request the hon’ble minster to provide drinking water facilities are made available in Madhya Pradesh and in sagar district in particular. There has been a long standing demand for setting up of a defense factory in this district and for which survey has been already conducted but it has not been sanctioned so far. Similarly, survey has been conducted for setting but it has also not been sanctioned so far. Sagar district is located in the middle of the country and it is a very suitable place from security angle. Hence, such a defense factory can be set up there.


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