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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute with outline, 5 Minute Test 2

2Besides the direct tax, five per cent surcharge levied on account of drought is proposed to be abolished. This is a very good and a welcome step taken by the hon’ble finance minister. In place of that, he has proposed only eight per cent excess tax on incomes fifty thousand and more by which Rs. 500 crores would be generated which would be spent on Jawaharlal Nehru rojgar yojna. It is a very welcome step. In the case of indirect taxes, it has been proposed to increase the levy on steel material, cigarettes, pig iron color television, computers, radio, tape recorder proposed by the Minister is really praiseworthy. I would mention that this is a pro poor budget.

You are well aware that our late prime minister Shrimati indira Gandhi had announced a 20 point programmed before the nation to eradicate poverty. Our present beloved prime minister Shrub Rajiv Gandhi has now modified it and announced a new 20 point programmed. As mentioned by the hon’ble finance minister, Rs. 10000 crores have been spent by now by which million families are benefited. That means about three million families are benefited. That means about three million families. Are benefited per year till today if we take the average expenditure, it would be about Rs. 40000 per family which is in my humble opinion because of price rise and inflation not sufficient to bring it above the poverty line.

I must congratulate or Hon’ble finance minister on his announcement for decontrol of cement and aluminum. In this connection, I would like to point out here that in some states like Orissa after the budget was presented, on the same night, all the levy cement which was in the Govt. store was disbursed by getting a telephone message by some VIP’s or so.; the entire cement of the Govt. stock has gone to some middlemen who are now benefited and actually the poor people could not get the benefit. I should not blame the finance minster for this, but the State govt. should have given due attention to it so that the cement which was in the govt. stock was provided to the people who were actually needing it.

I must also congratulate the hon’ble finance minster that in spite of price rise and hike in the prices of arms and ammunition he has made efforts to minimize the defiance budget and also assured this house and the nation that if it is necessary he is ready to provide more funds for the defence. It is a welcome step.


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