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Essay on “Five things I want to know” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Five things I want to know

When I was a child, I asked a number of questions which my parents often did not care to answered. Though I am now a grown up boy and am a student of class X, some of those questions come up again and again. There is a jolly crowd of unanswered questions in my mind. They will not let me rest till I have found their answers. Five of these questions agitate my mind the most. Here are the five things I want to know nay, I am most eager to know.

The first and the most  important question for me, is why God created the world? I have been trying to know this thing for so many years but I have not yet found any satisfactory answer so far. When I see so much suffering around me, this question comes up before me, I cannot agree with Browning who wrote.

“God in His heaven.

All’s right with the world”.


In fact, nobody could sing these lines when he sees an innocent child being run over by a bus, or a poor man in rags, shivering with cold and dying on the foot part. There is no much suffering in the world so much misery everywhere that one is likely to think that this worked is almost purposeless. But when I look at the beautiful things, I begin to feel that the Maker of for me to understand. When I see the bee gathering honey from the flowers, or a bird making a nest, or a crowd or people moving heat of the sun, I begin to believe that all these activities cannot be purposeless. Surely there is some unknown purpose lying behind all this vast and wonderful scene of life. But what that purpose is, I do not know. This is exactly what I want to know.

Secondly, I want to know whether there is any life on Mars. I have often read in newspapers and magazines that there are parallel lines on that planet. Scientists say that these lines are, perhaps, canals. They say that there are trees and plants on Mars but that they are brown not green, in color. These accounts fan up my desire to know whether there is life on Mars.

Thirdly, I wish to know how my grandmother came to know all those wonderful stories that she knows. She is unlettered and illiterate. She never needs any book. I have read quite a few books of stories. But my grandmother’s tales are not there in those books. From where did she learn all those endless tales? I ask her this question many a time, but she only smiles and says that she knows nothing.

The evening draws near. The rain patters against the windows. Everyone is confined to his room. It rains hard and the winds hiss. But is hisses in vain.


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