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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute “ Problem after heavy rainfall” , Test 10 Minutes with 10 Minutes Audio Dictation, Shorthand Outline and Text Matter. Test 16

Image_77_1Mr. Chairman, Sir, the people of Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar and in some parts of your State we badly affected/ by the devastation caused by the heavy rainfall.  Due to damaged reads, the total transport system has been thrown out/ of gear.  At that point of time it was very difficult to carry the relief materials to the affected people/ in different part of the country.  Some unscrupulous businessmen took advantage of this situation and indulged in black-marketing/ and hoarding as a result of which the prices of the essential commodities got hiked.  Not only that, it is (100) a matter of regret that at that point of time only the prices o diesel were hiked which added to/ further increase of prices of the essential commodities.  The people were suffering and they were also subjected to irreparable loss/ and injury.  The entire telecommunication and power system had totally collapsed during the time of this severe disaster.  Paddy/ seedlings and seedlings of other crops were damaged and destroyed.  Cattles, like bullocks, cows and buffaloes for lack of Cattles it has become very difficult on the part of (200) the cultivators to start their cultivation.

          Mr. Chairman, Sir, this unprecedented devastation took place in our country particularly in the/ States of Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar and parts of Andhra Pradesh which resulted in the sufferings of the people.  The/ concerned State Governments urged upon the Central Government, they are virtually pleading, for financial assistance under the Natural Calamities/ Relief Fund.  I would like to urge upon the Government of India not to politicize this issues and take a /step-motherly attitude while providing financial assistance to the State Governments.  I would like to urge upon the Government to (300) provide the funds irrespective whichever State Government is in power.

  Image_77_2      Sir, I would like to urge upon the Prime/ Minster and other Ministers of the Central Government to come forward and save our countrymen from their plight and render/ all possible financial assistance and provide whatever amount has been asked for the by the State Governments from the Natural Calamities/ Fund.  In the State of West Bengal, the Government had held an all-Party meeting in the Writers’ Building and/ a unanimous resolution was passed in which an amount of Rs. 721 crore has been sought from the Central Government (400) for providing relief to the affected people.  So far as I know, till.  date not a single paise has been allotted / to the State of West Bengal. I urge upon the Government of India not to treat this issue as a / political issue. The Government of India should not take up this issue with a step-motherly attitude. West Bengal is / a part and parcel of the Indian Union. The Government of West Bengal has sought an assistance of Rs. 721 / crore from the Central Government. However, not a single paisa has been sanctioned for the State. People there are suffering (500) very much. They are not getting relief materials. They have lost their shelters. They are all poor people and they / are now homeless. All their cultivable lands were damaged by the cyclonic storm. Their fields were inundated by heavy rains. / Government of Orissa sought, as far as I know, Rs. 200 crore against which only Rs. 50 Crore have been sanctioned. / Of the States affected by the cyclone, no doubt Orissa is the worst affected State. According to a preliminary survey / report, 11 Districts in Orissa have been affected badly. Thousands of acres of paddy land in Orissa has been inundated (600) due to the unprecedented rainfall. At least 100 people were killed in Ganjam District alone. Total devastation took place in / Ganjam District. It is very difficult for the State Government to cope with such situations whether it is of Orissa / or West Bengal or Bihar. Government of Orissa sought Rs. 200 crore as assistance from the Central Government. However, in / spite of the aerial survey made by the Prime Minister only Rs. 50 crore have been sanctioned for the people / of Orissa. Many Districts in Bihar are also badly affected by the floods. Several villages and towns are submerged in (700) water. Government of Bihar sought Rs. 1100 crore from the Central Government. However, so far as I know, not a / single paisa has been sanctioned for Bihar Government so that they can cope with the situation. Sir, I am very / sorry to submit that the Government of India is taking a step-motherly attitude towards these States. It is a / matter relating to the woeful inadequacy of the Government of Orissa. When I say woeful inadequacy of the Orissa Government about / the natural calamities, I would like to give a graphic and first-hand description as to what had happened on (800) the fateful morning as I reached the first point in Puri district. The entire area was so full of trees / which have faced the wrath of the cyclone. I immediately spotted the Forest Ranger of the area and requested him / to help me in clearing the road, at least for the ambulances and light vehicles to take the wounded and the injured to Berhampur Medical College.


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