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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute “ Economic Problems” , Test 10 Minutes with 10 Minutes Audio Dictation, Shorthand Outline and Text Matter. Test 15

Image_26_1Sir, I thank the hon. President for his Address outlining the Government’s hope for the next five years.  Beyond doubt/ it was an excellent speech made by the honourable President.  In fact, the beauty of democracy was reflected in this/ speech again and again when he said ‘my Government’ through it is led by NDA.  I feel very happy about/ all the promises made by the Government.

          Sir, taking about elimination of poverty, historically, post-independence, successive governments have always/ measured poverty or the poverty  line as a percentage , without  giving any credence to the  increase  in our  population. That (100) always gave us wrong signals. Hence ,I feel that the  poverty elimination is a most welcome subject . I am confident /that the numerous measures that they have  adopted already would improve  the standard  of living  of the common people . This /would  automatically eliminate  poverty. Particularly , when economic growth takes place , it would  generate  employment and that  would  definitely  eliminate poverty ./ The focus on  healthcare , education and employment , Particularly  in the  manufacturing industry , would also  help. So ,all these are welcome/ initiatives , As  we are all aware , unfortunately ,the last two terms led by the UPA Government  have seen a downturn (200) in our  country `s economic  situation . in 2004, when they came into  power  after the NDA Government `s  rule ,India was about /to become a super power, whereas the two successive Government led by UPA brought  us down  from a super  power/ to ‘zero power’ ,in such a situation, my party feels that all the initiatives takes by this Government give out/ a lot of hope  and confidence that three would be economic reforms and growth.

Image_26_2          Sir, there is a mention about / improving the quality of life  in our  villages through an empowered  Panchayati Raj system .At this  hour, I would like (300) to remember our  founder Party President  and the then Chief  Minister, Shri N.T. Rama Rao. In fact, he had /abolished   the  patel patwari system and  introduced the Mandal system that encouraged decentralization of powers , which  is close to the /common public and through which village were empowerd to collect taxes, use them and  manage the Budget  by  themselves . this /initiative would defiritely help oue rural India to grow extremely well.  this extremely well, successive governments never bothered to provide a level-playing field to our / farmers by creating cold storage facilities, building food processing units near the crop fields, etc. Our Party is very confident / that by providing this kind of support to the farmers, very soon we could hope that our farmers would go / to their fields driving cars. That is what our Telugu Desam Party hopes to do. Most of our farmers don’t / want any freebies or doles. They want to live with pride producing their products. We welcome the initiative.

Now, I (500) come to National Education Policy. It is also, in fact, a very long – pending subject. In fact, in the last / decade, if you see, our standard of education has gone down extremely. This National Education Policy will definitely maintain common / standard and will also give an opportunity to students to get into international employment. Now, there is a New Health / Policy. We welcome the New Health Policy where holistic healthcare like yoga, ayurveda, etc., is also introduced which is affordable / by common people. Unlike allopathic medicines, these medications don’t have any side effects. So, we welcome it. In addition to (600) that, we also expect Primary Health Centres to be revived, which help our rural India. Now, I come to the / welfare of the people belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and weaker sections. Though we have / been giving reservations in a focused manner, successive Governments have failed to take up these initiatives with conviction. In fact, / 80 per cent of the independent India was ruled by one party. They had introduced the slogan ‘Garibi Hatao’, but / they always managed to maintain ‘Garibi Banao’ so that they can manage gullible people to vote for them. In fact, (700) the initiative of the new Government will definitely make a lot of weaker section people to come out of the / problem.

Now, I come to women empowerment. Thirty-three per cent reservation is a long-pending subject. Although it has / been passed by this House, it is kept pending. Our Party welcomes the initiative of the new Government. We hope / that women will get 50 per cent representation, their due share, soon in every institution. Now, specific development models for / the special needs and unique problems of coastal, hilly and desert areas. Our Telugu Desam Party is grateful that Government / is committed to addressing the issues relating to the development of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States which recently were divided (800) in an unscientific, autocratic and undemocratic manner. This initiative should help both the States and their people.


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