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Shorthand Dictation 80 Words per minute “ Bill Regarding women” , Test 10 Minutes with 10 Minutes Audio Dictation, Shorthand Outline and Text Matter. Test 17

Image_81_1Madam, in respect of this Bill, along with the amendments which have been brought from the side of the Government/ after discussion yesterday, broadly we welcome the Bill itself.  But this should have been discussed amongst the Chief Ministers of the/ various States.  They are the implementing agency.  It is being done very expeditiously but much discussion is needed in/ this Bill.  Every citizen including a woman is having the right to live with the dignity and honour which is/ guaranteed in Article 21 of the Constitution.  Sexual harassment like even eve-teasing of woman amounts to violation of rights (100) guaranteed under Articles 14 and 15 of the Constitution of India.  For meaningful right within the ambit of Article 21/ of the Constitution, every woman is entitled to enjoy economic, social, cultural, and political rights without discrimination.  The primary concern both at international and at/ the national level is about devastating increase in rape cases and cases relating to crime against woman.  India is no/ exception to that.  Sexual violence is not only an unlawful invasion of the right of privacy and sanctity of the (200) woman but a serious blow to the honour.  It leaves a traumatic and humiliating impression for her conscience, offending her/ self-esteem and dignity.  Rape is not only a crime against the woman, it is a crime against the entire society/ itself.  It leaves a scar on the most cherished possession of woman, that is, her dignity, honour, reputation and not/ the least her chastity.  It destroys entire psychology of a woman and pushes her into deep emotional crisis.  It is/ a crime against basic human rights and also violates the victim’s cherished rights.  In that context, today is very (300) important day because this Bill has come. This Bill is most demanding Bill which has come today.  It really needs/ support in the sense of the term but here we have certain points.  We have given certain amendments.  Those amendments/ are also similar to the amendments of the Government.

          Madam, experience says that these types of offences are sometimes seriously/ abused.  Today, the experience says that the offences in relation to clauses 490 and 498A of the Indian Penal Code/ are seriously abused in our country itself.  This should not be abused.  If it is abused, it would be totally (400) insignificant.  If it is not abused, if it is properly.  exercised in proper cases, it will really uphold the dignity / and the right of the woman itself. What I believe is that one’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly / mocked but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered. Therefore, if woman wants to keep her dignity / in the country itself, she must resist herself from lodging unnecessary complaints. She should not abuse the power which has / been in the Act itself. A very stringent Act has come in respect of the clause 376. That should be (500) done but the point is that the implementation is needed. From the House, we can pass a Bill but implementation / is rested with the implementing agency. We are having a sufficient law. But he unfortunate part is that implementation is / not being done. The implementing agency should be very much cautioned and respective States should come up with an appropriate / law in service matters. If the implementing agency does not implement the Act itself, they should proceed against implementing officer / itself.

Image_81_2Madam, today, there is a need for a wide circulation of these laws. We have seen that various amendments (600) have come for the age to be from 16 years to 18 years, with consent. Even with consent, as the / law stands today, if an amendment comes, it will be 18 years. If there is any physical contact, that would / be coming within the purview of the rape itself. How many children know about this law? Therefore, this law has / to be circulated. It is not enough if just the law has been passed. But a wide circulation of this / law is required to be made. People have to be made educated in respect of this law itself from the (700) village to the top level, whether he or she is uneducated or educated. A wise circulation of this law is / needed. People of this country are to be educated. Up to 18 years of age, even a physical relationship comes / within the purview of the rape. I therefore, propose that a course should be introduced in the appropriate institution for / the children above the age of 14 years mentioning about the offences. They must know what the offences are. The / children don not know about the offences. There cannot be any excuse for a rapist in this country. If a (800) rapist is there, he should be properly punished. When it is required, he should be hanged. In the case of, / first time offence, it should be up to 14 years; in the case of second time offence, it may be / a life imprisonment till natural death or death penalty.

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But this does not touch even the FRINGE of the problem and when we see the second class passengers HUDDLED/ together like cattle, not even having sufficient air to BREATHE in, we feel that there is something seriously wrong with / our Railway Administration. We have also to see that the shortage that we had about the supply of wagons to/ the coal-mines and to our steel industry is not there. Madam, it is a strange chain of events that / the Minister who was in charge of steel and who gave statements in a way IMPLYING that the Railways are (500) not doing their part well, is now SADDLED with th?? Responsibility and I am sure he must feel double responsibility / because he knows how the industry has suffered or was likely to suffer. As the Minister of Steel, he charged / the Railway Ministry of not doing things which should have been done.

So, now these are the problems that we / have to meet and the question arises how to meet them. I quite understand that there could be some economy / EFFECTED in administration. I could also understand that by tightening the administration and seeing that there is not much of  (600) ticketless travel we could improve the position. I could also understand that by taking effective measures regarding the new responsibility / which Parliament has placed on the shoulders of the Railway Department, namely, the liability of a common CARRIER for goods/ for which they have provided Rs. 2 crores, and by having all these things in mind, there could be some / reduction in expenditure. But I don not think that reduction would be of a value sufficient to meet the increasing / demands of the Railways. That is the problem. It is true that it will be hard to increase any FARE. (700) It would be hard to increase any freight. We do realize and we do appreciate it and as representatives of / the people, we do feel every day our people are being tax?? more and more.

As regards freight, Madam,/ my own view is that so far as food articles are concerned, this proposal should be modified, just as there / has been a modification in the case of giving encouragement for exports and in certain other respects. Similarly, I feel / that so far as food articles are concerned, the proposal should be modified and on the other things, these freights (800) may continue as proposed. In this way, the danger that has been pointed out by hon. Members and to a / certain extent correctly, that if the prices of food articles go up, that would create difficulty, would be avoided. (840)


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