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Science Project on “Recycling Paper”, Project Experiment Topics on Environmental Science for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

Recycling Paper

Materials Required:

  1. Paper grocery bags
  2. Glue
  3. Safety scissors
  4. A heavy book
  5. Large jar lid
  6. Pencil

We must be careful with the things we possess. Conservation is using things wisely and not wastefully. You can conserve things by buying things that can be used again and again. When cleaning, use reusable rags instead of paper towels. Use regular dishes and glasses for meals, instead of paper plates and throwaway cups.

In addition to using things more than once, you also conserve, by using things for more than one purpose. The paper bags that you get after making a purchase at the daily-needs shop or the food stores can be re-used by making coasters out of them (the small mats that go under a drinking glass or cup, to protect a tabletop). Lay a paper bag flat on a table. Place a large jar lid on the bag. Use a pencil to trace the outside circle of the lid into the bag. The coaster must be bigger around than the drinking glass, so check it to see that the size will fit the glasses used at your home.

Cut out the circle with scissors. Use the lid again to trace four more circles on the paper bag. Cut them out. Put some glue around the edges of the circles and stick them together, one on top of the other like a layer cake. Be neat. Do not use too much of glue or it will seep out. Place a heavy book on top of the stack of paper circles and wait until the glue dries. Cut enough circles or squares to make a set of four or five coasters. Decorate the tops with pictures cut out from magazines or comic books. The finished coasters can be given as gifts. You can even decorate a set of coasters, with cancelled postage stamps and give it to a friend who collects stamps.

How good are your paper coasters at keeping a table dry, when a very cold drink, with ice cubes is placed over Them?

Are five layers of paper enough to keep the table dry? If not, how many layers are needed?

What if you put wax paper or aluminium foil circles in between the paper circles?

You probably have lots of paper grocery bags. What other uses can you think of them?

Why not use them to make paper dolls, puppets, cutouts, masks and book covers for school?

When you go out for grocery shopping, take some paper or plastic bags with you to pack your groceries at the checkout, so that you don’t have to use any new ones.


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