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Reference Letter for Higher Studies, complete letter of Reference example.

Reference Letter for Higher Studies

Reference Letter for Higher Studies is made to recommend certain student who is about to step another level in studies. This is a proof that the student is doing good and excellent both in academics and extracurricular activities. This will show how good the student is when it comes to studies.


St. Louis College


Respected Principal,

This is in indication to the candidate, Naman who has come to look for MBA admission in your college; I want to make an appeal to you that the mentioned student has been remarkably good in her lower classes both in extra curricular activities and academic. She has been on the top of her class of three consecutive years and moreover, she gets the proficiency award in commerce together with a gold medal. She also gets the 5th position at the university ranks. Separate from her academics, she also a recipient of the best volunteer award in NCC with A+ mark.

Hence, it is my modest request to you to consider the candidate for your college admission. Along with this letter, are the entire certificates in support of the student’s application. I promise you that the applicant will let you feel great and proud with her performance.

I’m hoping for some positive news about this matter.

Thank you.

Yours Truly


Students Welfare Organization


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