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College Reference Letter, complete letter of Reference example.

College Reference Letter


It is very important for a college reference letter to speak all the things that will make him/her qualify. For the content of your letter, it must contain the information that will make help him be accepted to another school he will attend.

Arvindo College

22nd Side Street



Dear Sir,

I am certifying that Dhruv Arora was as student in our institution. Dhruv has studied Business Management and completed projects associated to his choice of career during his two and a half year course. Dhruv has become the top in his class each semester. He is very dependable, smart, and athletic. He has been very active for so many things in school, even in sports. In four months time he will be graduating where we anticipate him advance his studies and may need a scholarship being a smart student. He is very entitled to have a scholarship for he has been having good grades in school. For further information or any inquiry you need about Dhruv is very welcome. Just contact us and will gladly provide you the information you want to know about Dhruv.


Yours Truly

Madhur Sharma


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