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Reference Letter for a Friend, complete letter of Reference example.

Reference Letter for a Friend


If you will be referring your friend through a letter, you must have your letter complete with information that addresses all about the one you’re referring. The content of your reference letter must describe all the qualities that will help your friend get the new job.


Basu Stores

25th Avenue

Choranghee Lane


09 June, 2011


To Whom it may concern

I prove that I know Sushmita Roy and she’s been my friend for over 4 years. Sushmita has been my co-worker at work and this is the reason why we’re really close. She’s responsible and reliable individual. She always volunteers to arrange events and often assures they’re successful. Samantha is accommodative and nice and tries to let new coworkers feel at ease by helping them and assisting them. Though she’s the department head, she is not domineering and can convince the team to attain company objectives. Thus, Samantha really made it to maximize the potential of the team. She’s a faithful friend and often eager to aid me when I am in need.

For other things you want to know about her, I will be glad to provide you further i n formation.


Lila Sethi


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