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Previous Year Solved Question Paper of “Beauty And Wellness- Code 807” for Class 12 NSQF Vocational, CBSE Session 2019-2020.

Beauty And Wellness (Subject Code – 807)

Previous Year Question Paper of “Beauty And Wellness”

Class 12 Session 2019-2020
Max. Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 60

Section A: Objective Type Questions

Q. 1 Answer. any 4 out of the given 6 questions on Employability Skills (1 x 4 = 4 marks)

i. ____________ is a process of developing a business plan, launching and running a business using innovation to meet customer needs and to make a profit.
a) Entrepreneurship
b) Profession
c) Trade
d) Occupation
Answer.: a) Entrepreneurship


ii. Ms. Maya teaches history in XYZ Public School. She was an experienced teacher and has her notes and question bank made on the Microsoft word. Her school asked her to prepare two sets of question papers on urgent basis which she need to submit in a day. She thought of copying and pasting the questions from her question bank. Which shortcut key should she press to copy the text?
Answer.: d) CTRL+C

iii. ______is defined as the drive required to engage in goal oriented behavior.
a) Motivation
b) Self-realization
c) Communication
d) None of the above
Answer.: a) Motivation


iv. Natasha is not keeping well these days. She is feeling extremely nervous and worried because she believes that other people do not like her or are trying to harm her. She visited a psychiatrist. After having an interactive session with Natasha what was the diagnosis made by her psychiatrist?
a) Schizophrenia
b) Bipolar disease
c) Paranoid Personality
d) Dependent personality disorder
Answer.: c) Paranoid Personality


v. The key to environmental protection is to prevent the degradation of the _________ which is important for all living creatures.
a) Natural environment
b) Greenery
c) Green Tourism
d) None of the above
Answer.: a) Natural environment


vi. Hearing is ____________.
a) Active
b) Passive
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of the above
Answer.: b) Passive

Q. 2 Answer. any 5 out of the given 7 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

i. Electrical facial treatment is also called ___________________.
a) Facial Cleaning brush
b) Galvanic Electro facial treatment
c) Cosmetic Electrotherapy
d) High frequency treatment
Answer.: c) Cosmetic Electrotherapy


ii. A quality of a salon receptionist.
a) Serious Face
b) Smiling face
c) Non-friendly
d) Worried
Answer.: Smiling Face


iii. _________ is not a type of payment.
a) Credit card
b) Loyalty Card
c) Gift Voucher
d) Bill
Answer.: d) bill


iv. The process of electrical facial skin treatment involves the use of ___________ or _____________ poles or both to get the required end results.
a) High, low
b) Positive, negative
c) North, south
d) Large, small
Answer.: b) Positive, negative


v. The area where a client gets the first impression of the salon.
a) Retail Area
b) Storage Area
c) Front Desk
d) Lounge area
Answer.: c) Front Desk


vi. The second largest cause of death in the world.
a) Alcohol
b) Ghutka
c) Tobacco
d) Cancer
Answer.: c) Tobacco



vii. The process or activity of sharing or conveying information through the help of messages using methods like speech, writing, visuals, signals or behavior.
a) Gestures
b) Communication
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of the above
Answer.: b) Communication


Q. 3 Answer. any 6 out of the given 7 questions (1 x 6 = 6 marks)

i. Ritu is a beauty therapist in a salon. She diagnosed that her client who wanted to undergo ‘Ultrasonic Exfoliation’ is suffering from ‘neuralgia eye and trigeminal nerves’. How should she handle the situation to avoid any embarrassment to her client?
a) Avoid Speaking loudly
b) Being intolerant
c) Giving Ultrasonic Exfoliation secretly
d) Maintain Social Distancing
Answer.: a) Avoid speaking loudly



ii. ________________ describes the shade of the skin.
a) Uptone
b) Complexion
c) Skin tone
d) None of the above

Answer.: c) Skin Tone


iii. Priya is a receptionist in a salon. She gets lot of telephonic calls for queries and appointments for various services. Identify the problem she faces during telephonic communication.
a) Noise
b) Website issues
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of the above
Answer.: a) Noise


iv. Foundation best suited for people interested in natural make up.
a) Sheer
b) Mousse
c) Compact
d) Mineral
Answer.: d) Mineral


v. Dry skin is due to lack of lubrication from the _________________ glands.
a) Oily
b) Lubricating
c) Sebaceous
d) Thyroid
Answer.: c) Sebaceous


vi. Which tool is best suited for deep cleansing?
a) Foundation brush
b) Electric brush
c) Cotton wool
d) None of the above
Answer.: b) Electric brush


vii. Neha has thin and sparse eyelashes. Which kind of mascara should be used by her to provide volume to her thin eyelashes and to add depth to her eyes?
a) Powder Mascara
b) Cream Mascara
c) Liquid Mascara
d) No mascara
Answer.: b) Cream mascara



Q. 4 Answer. any 5 out of the given 6 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

i. Shanaya is an air hostess. She has to apply makeup on a daily basis. Her job involves lot of travelling. Which technique of make- up removal is convenient to her for cleansing and maintaining a fresh face?

a) Using a toner
b) Using Cleansing oil
c) Using Micellar water
d) Wipes or towelettes
Answer.: d) Wipes or towelettes



ii. _______________ are really important to provide a light glow over your face.
a) Mascara
b) Foundation
c) Concealer
d) Shimmers
Answer.: d) Shimmers


iii. ____________the face is also a method of relaxing as it improves the circulation and opens the pores for further cleansing.
a) Rubbing
b) Steaming
c) Cleaning
d) Washing
Answer.: b) Steaming


iv. A _____________ is the first point of contact when a customer enters in a salon.
a) Salon receptionist
b) Beauty Therapist
c) Massager
d) Client
Answer.: a) Salon Receptionist


v. Base of a matte foundation is ____________.
a) Water
b) Oil
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of the above
Answer.: a) Water


vi. Which is the most commonly used cosmetic facial therapy?
a) Galvanic Electro facial treatment
b) Facial Cleaning brush
c) Ultrasonic Exfoliation
d) Lymphatic drainage Facial
Answer.: a) Galvanic Electro facial treatment


Q. 5 Answer. any 5 out of the given 6 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

i. Diya went to a salon for getting an electrical facial treatment but she is suffering from sinusitis. Which electrical facial treatment should she avoid?
a) Lymphatic drainage Facial
b) Galvanic Electro facial treatment
c) Ultrasonic Exfoliation
d) High frequency treatment
Answer.: b) Galvanic Electro facial treatment


ii. ___________ is a medium of recording the booking of appointments.
a) Computer
b) English
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of the above

Answer.: a) Computer

iii. Renu is a college going girl who has to go to her friend’s birthday party. She wears a long skirt with tribal print top. Which bindi is best suited with her attire?
a) Snake style
b) Tribal style
c) Half-moon style
d) Letter style
Answer.: b) tribal style


iv. Aanya has a thick skin with a tendency to develop open pores, pimples and blackheads. Which type of blush is best suited for her?
a) Gel or fluid blush
b) Cream blush
c) Powder blush
d) No blush at all
Answer.: a) Gel or fluid blush


v. ___________ is the tendency in which one consumes alcohol to cope with difficulties or to avoid the feeling of sadness.
a) Depression
b) Alcoholism
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of the above
Answer.: b) Alcoholism


vi. An emulsion of mineral oil, water and wax and acts as a moisturizer.
a) Cold Wax
b) Sunscreen
c) Cold Cream
d) Body lotion
Answer.: c) Cold Cream


Q. 6 Answer. any 5 out of the given 6 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

i. Bindi is a symbol of ___________ and style.
a) Tradition
b) Amaze
c) Creativity
d) None of the above
Answer.: a) Tradition


ii. Which kind of skin is very similar to dry skin but characterized by deep lines and looseness?
a) Oily skin
b) Matured skin
c) Allergic Skin
d) Combination skin
Answer.: b) Matured skin


iii. __________________ is important for a positive self-image to maintain a pleasing and attractive appearance.
a) Being hard working
b) Grooming
c) Communication
d) None of the above
Answer.: b) Grooming


iv. Foundation that contains SPF 40, and is useful in providing sun protection.
a) Cream
b) Matte
c) Sheer
d) Waterproof
Answer.: c) Sheer


v. The process of communication has _____________ major components.
a) Two
b) Three
c) Four
d) Five
Answer.: c) Four


vi. Analogous colors are also known as _____________ colors.
a) Similar
b) Contrasting
c) Opposite
d) Hue
Answer.: a) Similar


Section B: Subjective Type Questions

Answer. any 3 out of the given 5 questions on Employability Skills (2 x 3 = 6 marks)
Answer. each question in 20 – 30 words.

Q. 7 Write any two advantages of spreadsheet.
Answer.: The advantages of spreadsheet are:
(i) Built-in functions make calculations easier, faster, and more accurate.
(ii) Large volumes of data can be easily handled and manipulate

Q. 8 Why Self-Motivation is important?
Answer.: 1. It increases individual’s energy and activity.
2. It directs an individual towards specific goals.

Q. 9 Provide list of any four green jobs in building and construction sector.
Answer.: a. Construction worker b. Carpenter c. Building planner and coordinators
d. Insulators e. Weatherization f. Concrete labors g. Highway laborers h. Demolition experts.
(Any 4)

Q. 10 What are the key problems an Entrepreneur may face while running a business?
Answer.: 1. Idea: What should my business idea be? How do I know that this idea will work?
2. Money: How much money should be raised to start a business?

Q. 11 Write two advantages of active listening.
Answer.: 1. It helps you truly understand what people are saying It can help build rapport with your interviewer.
2. It can help reduce your nervousness during an interview.

Answer. any 3 out of the given 5 questions in 20 – 30 words each (2 x 3 = 6 marks)

Q. 12 Give a brief note on maintenance of ‘lounge area/waiting area’ in a salon.
Answer.: Lounge area should be clean and without any unpleasant odours. Magazines and newspapers should be kept neatly. Make sure the coffee machines are operational and clean. Offer water to the client and make them comfortable.

Q. 13 Define the following:
a) cools colors
b) tone
Answer.: a) Colors with blue or red undertones are called cool colors. They are soothing and tend to recede more.
b) The ‘True tone’ is the combination of any hue with the addition of pure grey.

Q. 14 Suggest some ways to reduce telephonic communication difficulties.
Answer.: 1. Listen actively.
2. Turn your back on any distraction.
3. Keep noise around you to a minimum.
4. Focus solely on the phone call.
5. Speak clearly.
6. Check for understanding. (any 4)

Q. 15 Distinguish between a ‘sun style’ and ‘flower style’ bindi.
Answer.: Sun style bindi style represents the divine form of energy, the Sun. Flower style bindi is a simple bindi design. It looks beautiful when worn with embroidered kurtis and Salwars.

Q. 16 Mention any four contraindications of ‘Ultrasonic Exfoliation’.
Answer.: 1.Skin diseases
2. Neuralgia eye and trigeminal nerves
3. Acute infectious diseases
4. Dilated capillaries
5. Tumors and postoperative period
6. Recently made chemical peeling
7. Pregnancy
8. Tuberculosis (Any 4)

Answer. any 2 out of the given 3 questions in 30– 50 words each (3 x 2 = 6 marks)

Q. 17 What kind of voice, words and body language should be used while dealing with the calls of customers?
Answer.: Voice :
1.Speak clearly
2. Speak directly into the mouthpiece
3. If you are sitting, don’t slump, your posture can affect your voice
4. Be efficient but friendly and smile Words
1. Choose your words carefully because the listener cannot see you.
2. Repeat and check names, times, dates and phone numbers.
Body language:
Even when the phone is Answered with Hello? You can tell if that person is happy, bored or hassled. Smiling when you announce yourself can help to make you sound please to receive the call.
1. Use body language even though it can’t be seen, otherwise your voice may sound stilted.
2. Smile even though it can’t be seen, it will be heard.
3. Focus your eyes on something that will help you concentrate on your communication.
4. Listen for body language, e.g., pauses and breathing patterns. (2 points from each)


Q. 18 Renu works in a reputed salon. List the code of conduct for her.
Answer.: 1. Show respect and be fair and courteous to others.
2. Do not criticize other staff or salons.
3. Be honest and always keep your word.
4. Behave in a professional manner.
5. Unlawful discrimination or harassment should not be tolerated and should be reported immediately.
6. It is inappropriate to speak about religion, politics, another person’s sex life, gossip or to swear. (Any 3 points)


Q. 19 State the benefits of using an electric brush.
Answer.: 1. Gently massage the skin to stimulate blood circulation
2. Removes dead skin cells
3. Skin can better absorb nutrients in any cream
4. Better and deeper cleansing (Any 3 points)

Answer. any 3 out of the given 5 questions in 50– 80 words each (4 x 3 = 12 marks)

Q. 20 What are the steps involved in the application of ‘blusher’?
Answer.: Step 1: Use a spatula to remove the blusher from the container.
Step 2: Apply shader or darker blusher, always start with a minimum amount and then add to it.
Step 3: Apply the blusher using a clean brush along the cheekbones; never take the blusher in towards the nose.
Step 4: Place the brush in the middle of the area that you are going to cover and blend back and forth.


Q. 21 a) Which type of electric current is used in Galvanic Electro-Facial Skin (1+3)
b) Discuss the stepwise procedure of ‘Galvanic Electro-Facial Skin Treatment’.
Answer.: a) Direct Current (DC)
b) Step 1: Apply acidic solution on the skin. This is done to open up the skin pores, soften tissues and increase the blood circulation. The acidic solution breaks down the skin oil stuck in the pores, clears the follicles and extracts any skin
Step 2: Apply an alkaline solution to the skin. This step closes the pores and reduces blood circulation in that area. This also soothes the nerves.
Step 3: Use a galvanic positive probe to improve the penetration of skin care products. This step is also called as ‘iontophoresis’.


Q. 22 Discuss the steps involved in scheduling an appointment with the client.
Answer.: Step 1: The first thing to be noted is customer name and contact details followed by service or treatment required, time and date of appointment, name of the person providing the service.
Step 2: Note the details accurately and promptly in a suitable medium.
Step 3: Schedule the bookings after estimating timings of the services.
Step 4: Politely decline the timings if the asked slots are unavailable and offer the closest solution possible keeping in mind the need and preference of the client.

Q. 23 How can you provide a caring environment to a client?
Answer.: To provide a caring environment you must:
1. Demonstrate a positive attitude towards work and other people.
2. Have a clean and neat appearance.
3. Show a friendly and courteous attitude to each other and to the clients. Always acknowledge the client, even if you are on the phone or with someone else.
4. Have high personal standards of behavior and conduct.
5. Be punctual, reliable and efficient. If you are running late for work, call the salon immediately. If you are running behind schedule, explain the delay to your client; most will understand. Apologize for the inconvenience and do not blame anyone.
6. Be reassuring to your client and put them at ease by your behavior. This includes devoting your full attention to the client. It is rude to chat with other staff while attending to your client, however professional discussion with co-workers is permissible. (Any 4)


Q. 24 Reema is a makeup artist. She has to do a party makeup on a client and has to identify the skintone of the client to apply the right colour make-up and lipstick. In which ways can she determine the undertone of her skin? Explain.
Answer.: She can use either of the following methods to identify the undertone of her client.
1. Vein Test: Observe for the vein colours under the wrist. If the vein appears blue in colour, then the undertone is categorized under warm undertone. Warm clours should be used for makeup. If the vein appears green, then it is to be interpreted as a cool undertone. A makeup artist should use cool colours for the makeup.
2. The Old Jewelry Trick: The undertone can also be determined whether the client looks good in gold or silver. If the client looks good in gold ornaments, then the undertone is warm. If silver ornaments are suitable for the client, the undertone is cool. The colour wheel helps in identifying the suitable colour for the foundation, conceal, blush, eyeliner and lipstick. The basic rule is to stick to cool colours for cool undertone and warm colours for warm undertone.


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