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Precis writing solved exercise with Title “The Influence and Greatness of Gandhi Ji” for Class 10, 12 and Competitive Examination.

Precis exercise on “The Influence and Greatness of Gandhi Ji”

Whether in the long run Gandhi’s gospel of ahimsa-love and peace will triumph is a different matter. Gandhi’s attitudes were too spiritual to be generally adopted in India or in any other country. Even under Nehru, India championed ‘neutralism’ between the West and the Communist East but hardly ‘nonviolence’ in a Gandhian sense. She welcomed foreign capital and pursued Five Year Plans of industrialization very far from Gandhi’s spinning wheel. Yet Gandhi’s influence and importance were enormous. First, it is very doubtful if without him the transfer of power could have been affected without a breakdown into a prolonged civil war. Second, the example of India’s freedom from British rule, which he led, acted as a powerful stimulus to the other people of Asia and Africa to demand freedom from Colonialism-one of the most significant movements of our time. Third, inside India, great social reforms, and above all, the decline of untouchability, stem directly from Gandhi’s campaigns. No other statesman of this country has left behind him such a weight of love and respect. His name in India is a legend, and outside India greatness grows as the years recede. He loved India and he called himself a nationalist: but more important, he loved God and man, and most surprisingly, really did forgive his enemies. The twentieth century has seen many successful revolutionaries and many great men. It has not seen many who were, in addition, simple and powerfully good.

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Solved Precis

Title: The Influence and Greatness of Gandhi Ji

Gandhiji’s principle of Non-violence is perhaps too spiritual to be practical. India, even under Jawahar Lal Nehru, could not strictly adhere to it in the true Gandhian way. Similarly, by adopting industrialization, India has rejected the spinning wheel. Still, Gandhi Ji surely was a great force in achieving India’s freedom and in inspiring freedom movements all over the world. His social reforms and abolition of untouchability are really great contributions to the society. He is honoured and loved everywhere. He was a great, noble, and powerful soul.

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