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Precis writing solved exercise with Title “Use and Abuse of Sports” for Class 10, 12 and Competitive Examination.

Precis exercise on “Use and Abuse of Sports”

Like every other instrument that man has invented, sport can be used cither for good or for evil purposes. Used well, it can teach endurance and courage, a sense of fair play and respect for rules, coordinate effort and the subordination of personal interests to those of the group. Used badly, it can encourage personal vanity and intolerant esprit de corps. In either case, sport inculcates responsible co-operation: but when it is used badly, the co-operation is for undesirable ends and the result upon the individual is an increase of attachment. When it is used well, the character is modified in the direction of non-attachment Sport can be either preparation for war or in some measure, a substitute for war, a trainer cither of potential war-mongers or of potential peace-lovers; an educative influence forming either militarists or men who will be ready and able to apply the principle of pacifism in every activity of life. It is for us to choose which part the organized amusement of children and adults shall play. In the dictatorial countries the choice has been made, consciously, without compromise. Sport there is definitely a preparation for war.

Number of words = 220

Solved Precis

Title: Use and Abuse of Sports

Sports can bring about good as well as bad results. If properly used, they can inculcate the qualities of patience, courage, sense of justice and fair play, co-operation and team spirit. But when sports are misused, they promote vanity, unhealthy rivalry, selfishness and an unhealthy co-operation for mean and dirty ends. They can produce excellent citizens, but can also develop militant qualities generally found in various citizens in dictatorial countries.

Number of words in the precis = 73


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