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Precis writing solved exercise with Title “The Aim of Education” for Class 10, 12 and Competitive Examination.

Precis exercise on “The Aim of Education”

Education ought to teach us how to be in love always and what to be in love with. The great things of history have been done by the great lovers, saints, men of science and arts, and the problem of civilization is to give every man a chance of being a saint, a man of science or an artist. But this problem cannot be solved unless men desire to be saints, men of science, and artists. And if they are to desire that continuously they must be taught what it means to be these things. We think of the man of science or the artist, if not of the saint, as a being with peculiar gifts, not as one who exercises more precisely and incessantly perhaps, activities which we all ought to exercise more precisely and incessantly. It is a common plea now that art has ebbed away out of our ordinary life, out of all the things which – we use, and that it is practised no longer by workmen but only by a few painters and sculptors. That has happened because we no longer recognise the aesthetic activity as an activity of the spirit and common to all men. We do know that when a man makes anything he ought to make it beautiful for the sake of doing so, and that when a man buys anything he ought to demand beauty in it for the sake of source of pleasure, and therefore, it means to us an ornament added to things for which we can pay extra as we choose. But beauty is not an ornament to life or the things made by man. It is an essential part of both.

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Solved Precis


Title:- The Aim of Education

Education must primarily teach a man to love and appreciate the right things and values in life. It should then inspire man to be great in the field of his choice-religion, science, or art. Love for art is, unfortunately, ebbing away out of modern life. Education should, therefore, inculcate an appreciation and understanding of true art and beauty, Art and beauty should be loved not for the sake of outer ornaments or superficial pleasures but for the sake of art itself. Man must learn to create artistic beauty in the various things he makes and uses.

Number of words in the precis = 96


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