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Precis Writing on “Styles” Solved Exercise for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Classes, Competitive Exams.


Change is the name of the game and basic bin rule of nature. The most visible signs of changes a seasons and the new fashions people adopt to every season and year. The nature is full of dandy characters. Master chameleon, cocky rooster, peacock, song birds, antelopes, animals with glistering coats like horse and polar bear, minks, mesmerizingly designed coat wearing zebra, leopard, tiger, giraffes, cat, butterflies, fascinating insects and a myriad patterned fish. Nature’s fashion show is unlimited.

By nature, man is also fashion loving. Humans love change, variety, novelty, attraction and eye candies. May be, we take inspiration from the nature. Each one of us wishes to be smart, charming, like able, modern, fresh and up-to-date one who knows what is in-thing. The new fashions are statements on these desires. We adopt different fashions at different times, places and occasions. No one wants to be an old fashioned odd one and out of fashion. In modern times fashions have become indicators of a society’s progress in culture and civilization. Man is no animal to live for food only. He wants new styles, decorations, etiquettes, tastes and social manners to feel alive as a member of intelligent species. Human civilization itself is man’s intellectual product which requires constant inflow of new ideas. Fashions are external expression of the same effort to remain vibrant and progressive. In wider sense fashion is not limited to clothes and ornamental items only. The famous authors have their own styles and fashions of writing. Similarly there are fashions in music, architecture, painting etc. The fashions are all inclusive. They advertise a person’s economic prosperity, cultural wealth and the social upward rise.

Today fashion has become a big industry. Mumbai and Delhi are fashion hubs of India with year round fashion shows. In Europe, Paris and London have always been fashion savvy. New York is America’s fashion centre. Some people think that fashion’s are rich people’s indulgence in extravaganza, a sheer waste of money and time. But they should remember that fashion loving societies have outpaced others in the race of economic, cultural, industrial and scientific progress. The history is the proof.

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Change is the basic law of nature. Nature’s creations animals, birds, insects and fish are all a grand fashion parade of colours, patterns and designs. The seasons bring in changes of natural scenes. Human being is also in step with nature. People love fashions to look modern, attractive and forward looking. The craze for new dresses, accessories and ornaments fosters a huge fashion industry that creates jobs for a large number of young people. Contrary to old belief, fashions are symbols of economic, cultural and industrial progress of a society.

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