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Precis Writing “Pleasure of Reading” Solved Exercise for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Classes, Competitive Exams.


The habit of reading needs to be grown and cultivated. It can be one of the pleasures of your life and in bargain you gain new knowledge, new words and new styles of expressions. Reading books, periodicals and magazines gives a unique type of pleasure. Everybody can’t enjoy reading because it requires a level of intelligence, personal interest, understanding, language skill and above all, solitude or ability to detach mind from other things. Reading demands concentrated attention to make sense.

The childhood is the best period when reading habit can be developed. Unfortunately today reading is getting limited to note books, exam   guides, keys and guess papers. The purpose is just to get through tests and not for culture or learning. The reading is getting replaced by seeing movies, watching T.V. serials of stupid kind, game shows, visiting chatrooms, websites, surfing, fidding with multi function mobiles and SMSing. They can’t expand the knowledge base of a student like books can do.  The result is that seriousness about life is no more there. Cheap values of little depth are becoming accepted in-thing’s. A small SMS message of denial can make a young woman jump down some shopping tower and end her precious life. A young male student sees no harm in SMSing the nude picture of his female friend to all his friends and school mates. Surely some seriously read books could have added more meaning and positive purpose to the lives of the students. The relationships would have been much more sincere and serene, had the words of good books gotten a chance to season the raw and inexperienced minds.

The company of books is much more rewarding than the company of a mobile phone. The former adds to your knowledge and the latter makes you shallower only. GO to the fold of book reading and make your mind richer.

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Title—Pleasure of Reading

Reading books, magazines, periodicals and other forms of literature gives us a unique pleasure. The habit adds to our knowledge and reveals different styles of expressions to us. We learn new words. The student period is the best time for cultivating reading habit. It seasons the mind into maturity and adds seriousness to character. The shallow character of modern student is due to his paying more attention to movies, TV serials, game shows, video, surfing, website chatting, mobiles, SMSing etc.


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