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Precis Writing on “Key To Success” Solved Exercise for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Classes, Competitive Exams.


One has to be clear and definite about one’s aim and object to be successful. The saying is that a rolling stone gathers no moss. Without a destination you can set out on a voyage and aimlessly wander around hoping for miracle. For such an aimless journey what preparations can one make with no idea to plan on? Hesitation and indecision are the biggest causes of failures. One can be resolute, firm and determinedly decisive when goal is clearly set. Once a person knows his goal, half the battle is won. This is very important for success.

One of the reasons that made us slaves of the British, was our indecisiveness born out of double standards. The ability of the British officers to take quick, spontaneous decisions overawed the Indians into submission. We began to believe that we were born only to carry out the orders of the whites who were superior by their power of decisiveness because only a decisive person could issue clear-cut orders. Indians were used to double talk, beating around the bush and confused decisions of the muddy minds of the elders. The decisiveness of British became their halo empowering them to rule Indians who were lost in the fog of indecisions.

Remember, that the step once taken can not be retraced without much loss of time, advantage and labour investment. So, decide well, giving the matter good thought, resolve and in time. Once you have decided on your aim of career or course of life, pursue it with great sincerity, care and relentless effort. The quality of your goal does not matter. It can be high or modest but what matters is that you cherish it. Put your energies, mind and heart into it and do not rest until the goal is achieved.

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Title—Key To Success

Text—The most important key to success is setting one’s goal of life clearly without any confusion. Once the aim is well defined one can strive to achieve it with relentless effort, purpose and resolve. There should be no dithering and one must be decisive. No planning is possible without a clear goal. A person with no destination in mind is a lost man who does not know which way to go and what for. Choose your goal and put your mind, energies and heart in achieving it.

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