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Precis Writing on “Family Planning” Solved Exercise for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Classes, Competitive Exams.


It is duty of every parent to give his/her child the love, care and protection as a birthright. The child has birth right over food, covering, health care, education and other basic necessities. It is a matter of grave concern that millions of children in developing countries don’t get proper food, care and parental love. They almost grow up on their own like chicken or calves.

The parents are not irresponsible or ignorant of their duties towards their offspring. The fact is that they have too many children and too small incomes. What they lack is commonsense to realize that they can have limited number of children they can afford. One does rent a house or a room according to one’s capacity to pay and maintain. The same applies to the children. A couple of children can have parental love, good food, care and education because it also costs money and time to the parents.

The result is that the family, society and the country face a daunting situation with too many ill-bred, uneducated, unemployed youth around. The crimes abound and the lawlessness is ever on the increase. The poverty and hunger stalks the nation.

The best way out is to implement-family planning and educate the people of the imperativeness of it.


Title-Family Planning

Proper care, love and education is the birth right of every child born in this world. Unfortunately most children of the underdeveloped countries are denied this right. The parents don’t want to neglect their children. But there are too many children and too little resources. As a result the children suffer and so do the societies and the nations. So, the family planning is the need of the hour.


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