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Precis Writing “Health Is Wealth” Solved Exercise for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Classes, Competitive Exams.


Good health is the most reassured asset of a human being, a true boon of God. It makes life enjoyable, profitable and worthwhile. A sick person can never hope to be happy and successful.

A healthy person with a physically fit body can efficiently utilize his energies, capabilities and potentials to realize the goals of his life. Sound health generates drive, determination, will power, zeal, ambitiousness and high morale, the very key factors that galvanize one into action and endeavours. One is inspired to see bigger dreams and set higher goals in life. Putting in hard work to achieve them tirelessly is made possible-by a healthy energetic body. A healthy body is home of healthy mind. And a healthy mind is ever full of positive attitudes and spirit. Thus, health indeed is the wealth.

A man suffering ill-health is miserable. or him life is a woe full of moans and griOane9 An unhealthy person has no spirit, no drive and rip d sire to make any effort to achieve anything. Infect, a sick man dares not see any dreams or set any goals for life because he has no energy or will power to work for their realization. A person devoid of health is a living corpse. A good health is guaranteed by physical activity, exercises. Fresh air is another requisite. A pollution free and peaceful environment can help a lot in being healthy:-Eight for the same taking it as your duty to your well being. A balanced diet with a lot of greens is a must. Overeating, drugs, smoking and drinking are health fliers. Be cheerful and friendly to all to avoid tensions. Spend wisely to create financial security to have no worries. The worries erode health. Be happy and healthy. Realize all your dreams.

And never for a moment forget that all your achievements and successes are the fruits of your physical well being. So, take care of your health.

(Words — About 360)



Title-Health Is Wealth

Health is the most precious gift of the nature to a person. It is a state in which a human being can utilize all his faculties, capabilities, potentials and work at full steam to realize his dreams. The absence of health is sickness which debilitates all the creative and positive activities besides corroding the will power and the self-confidence.

The health requires regular labour or exercise, right food, physical exertion, fresh air, environment, happiness and cheerful relationships besides financial security. Good health is the key to success in life as a fundamental requirement because a healthy body is the home of a healthy mind.

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