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Precis Writing “Superstitions” Solved Exercise for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Classes, Competitive Exams.



Superstitions are beliefs that have no reason, rationality or scientific temperament. They are born out of ignorance, illiteracy, lack of common sense, fears and awe of supernatural phenomena. The dark side of the human mind fosters them. Blind faiths hold their ground inspite of modern knowledge and scientific advancement.

One of the reasons that binds our society to the backwardness is the sway of blind faiths over the minds of our people. Ignorance and lack of rational thinking breeds them. The superstitions can be seen in the forms of magic charms, black magic, tantra, witchcraft, ghosts, spirits, sorcery powers, good or bad omens, occult rituals, milk miracles, tear shedding-idols, vampires, Number 13, evil eye etc. What is mysterious, unknown, unintelligible and inexplicable generate fear and awe. The fear in turn provides gist to the blind faith mills. They have caused much havoc and harm to the illiterate Indian society. Ingrained in human nature are insecurity, fear of ill luck and dread of dark forces of universe. Amidst the forces of nature very fragile is human existence.

Then, there are vested interests who exploit the fears of the masses mercilessly fuelling them with superstitions. The prominent exploiters are priests, godmen, miracle makers, astrologers, priests, religious leaders, exorcists, occultists, witch doctors etc. The rumours of miracles, impending doom or calamity and canards about threats of dark supernatural forces are spread with impunity. The gullible masses fall for the rumours and do all kinds of silly and irrational things suggested or dictated by the vested interests. Then, no reasoning can make the people use their heads. Such is the power of blind faiths and superstitions. What a pity!

(Words—About 350)


Title – Superstitions

Superstitions are the products of irrational, ignorant and unscientific minds. They are against the laws of reasoning, commonsense and science. Superstition can be seen in the forms of having blind faith in charms, magic, sorcery, witchcraft, ghosts, spirits, supernatural powers, paganism, omens, astrology, weird rituals, customs etc.

The superstitions play a big role in keeping our society backward and irrational. The blind faiths are spread and sustained by vested interests like ritualist priests, astrologers, witch doctors, religious leaders, miracle men, godmen, exorcists, tantriks etc.

(Words— About 120)


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