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Precis Writing example “The Crime in Cities” 300 words Solved Exercise for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Classes, Competitive Exams.

Precis Writing 

The graph of crime has arisen alarmingly with the rapid urbanization and growth of metro cities. It is a grave matter of concern for citizens, law enforcement agencies, authorities, politicians, city planners and the government. The news are full of reports of murders, extortions, kidnappings, rapes, eve teasing, drug trafficking, prostitution, bribery, organized crimes and mob violence. Cars getting stolen are common. The smugglers have many police personnel on their payrolls. Drug abuse is wide spread among the youth. The citizens have restless days and sleepless nights. Everyone feels insecure and vulnerable in presence of anti-social and criminal elements around. The senior citizens are ever in danger of getting killed by their domestic workers. Public bus transport is favourite hunting ground of pick pockets.

The political links of the criminals have complicated the matters. Under the wings and protection of the politicians murderers, smugglers, mafia, rapists, kidnappers, extortionists are operating without any fear of law. The measures need to be taken to curb and eliminate this nexus. Another major factor is inefficient and corrupt police. In some areas the police is itself an organized gang flaw breakers and official extortionists. Thus, the picture is dismal. The police, administration and the political leadership is largely to be blamed for the worsening state of law and order. Precious little is being done to deal with the problem. The only hope is in the masses rising up to fight the political patronage of criminals. Then, masses are also to be blamed. They blindly vote for the criminal politicians and the honest candidate get routed. The political parties are left with little option but to give election tickets to dons for their own political survival. The widening rich-poor gap is also responsible for rising crime graph. The poor and unemployed are sometimes forced into the criminal ways. The population explosion is also creating pressures on the opportunities. Thus, rising crimes in cities cannot be checked unless a composite plan is drawn out to solve all the related problems which infect is a tall order.

(About 300 words)


Title—The Crime in Cities

Text — The crimes in the cities are worrisome. The bigger the city the bigger is the crime rate. The metro cities of our country have become crime capitals. The killings, kidnappings, blackmail, corruption, rapes, drug abuse, thefts etc. abound. The list is endless. No citizen feels safe.

The reasons are the public apathy, the people voting against honest people in favour of mafia dons, the nexus between the politicians and organized crime bosses, the corrupt police, the metro cities becoming centres of opportunities, poor countryside people moving-into cities in search of jobs and finding the crime an easy way out, population pressure, social injustice and economic disparity. So, there is no easy solution to the problem. Planning on all aspects is needed.

(About —120 words)


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