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Precis Writing example “Dangers of Pollution” 300 words Solved Exercise for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Classes, Competitive Exams.

Precis Writing

Fast and thoughtless industrialization has caused the environmental pollution creating unforeseen problems. Our cities and towns have become full of smoke, smog, toxic fumes, dust, rubbish, plastic waste, noise and corrosive gases. The air carries foul smell and it is not fit for human intake. The factories, mills and vehicles burn fuels and release sulphur oxides in atmosphere besides heat. Heavy traffic creates horrible noises, nauseating gases and bad snarls. The urban air is loaded with so many pollutants like carbon monoxide, sulphur oxides, nitrogen, pesticides, hydrocarbons, soot, fly ashes and even radioactive substances not ruled out. These pollution agents poison our food, water, air and even minds causing diseases among humans, animals and the vegetation. The earth’s protective ozone layer is getting destroyed. Widening hole has opened up in the layer that lets in dangerous ultraviolet rays. Aerosols are the main culprits for this development.

The reckless behaviour of humans is responsible for all this damage. The blood is no thicker than water which is now as thick as soup because of industrial waste going into mullahs, canals, streams, rivers and lakes.

It is the need of the hour that something urgent, solid and very extensive is done to restore the natural balance. It will require consorted efforts of all governments, NGOs, people and international bodies of the world. All the schools of the world need to make the importance of the protecting the eco-systems.as primary lessons of education.

Only such whole hearted attempts can save the earth and living beings from total destruction through ecological degradation, deadly pollution, green house effects, deafening noise and ultra-violet exposure.

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Title—Dangers of Pollution

Text —Pollution is today’s biggest human concern. The industries, motor vehicles, and other careless activities of humans are polluting our air, rivers and other water resources, foods and environment. Cacophony of noises are destroying peace of mind. It is all so sickening and unhealthy. Due to pollution we are breathing toxic gases, eating pesticides, drinking poisoned water and hearing mind blowing noises. The ozone layer is shrinking. The world is hotting up. The earth has become a very unhealthy planet because we have upset its ecological balance. We can save ourselves only by acting in unison to restore the eco-balance by all measures.

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