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Precis Writing example “Good Manners” 330 words Solved Exercise for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Classes, Competitive Exams.

Precis Writing 

‘Manners’ are what separate a man from an animal. The word ‘manner’ itself originated from ‘man’ which means that manner basically is manly or humanly behaviour. A person without manners is devoid of the very humanity. Such a person is not liked by others and everybody avoids, him because there is no pleasure or dignity in his company. He gets shunted out of the friendly groups. Gradually he becomes a loner, abandoned by others.

Good manners weave a society by bringing people together with civilized communication. They express mutual respect and friendliness. Besides, the manners are essential for individual peace, comfort and social life. They train a person to act, speak and behave politely.

The feelings of sympathy, love, respect and kindness serve no purpose if kept locked in one’s heart. The good manners are the best way to express them. If someone hurts you and he does not apologize, it is a bad manner. The best way to make amends for mistakes is to sincerely say ‘I am ‘sorry’. It saves you from bitterness, quarrel, confrontation or embarrassment. ‘Please’ or ‘Thank you’ are small changes with which we pay and way back as social beings. Sometimes good manners immortalize one even in death. During French Revolution when Queen Antoinette stumbled against the foot of the hangman while being led to guillotine for beheading, she said ‘I am sorry.’ That made her in the history as the symbol of the civility.

Sir, Madam, Dear, Sorry, Please, Excuse me, Pardon, Would you mind etc. are words with which you can avoid hurting others, the best way of doing Gandhigiri. A person with good manners earns the respect of other and becomes a popular figure. Good manners cannot be borrowed but are to be developed through one’s own training of making them habits.

In good manners you have the best visiting card and a golden pass to all functions of the civilized society.

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Title—Good Manners

Text —Good manners make a person a civilized gentleman or a cultured lady, otherwise one would be no better than an animal. They are essential for peace, comfort and social life. Through them a person learns to speak, act and behave politely. A well-mannered person is welcome to any group or party because he adds to the pleasure and dignity. A person without good manners is not liked by others and he suffers the misery of loneliness. Sorry, Excuse me, Sir, Dear, Madam, Please are simple tools of good manners with which you can be courteous, kind, polite and’ helpful to others. We must adopt them in our behaviour and become a popular and civilized human being.

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