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Precis Writing “Examinations-Pros and Cons” Solved Exercise for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Classes, Competitive Exams.


Examination days are the most critical days of the lives of the students. There is a kind of turmoil and panic among them. Every student appears to be in the grip of the examination fever. He is extremely busy with his books, lessons, notes, reading and cramming. The thought of failure or low marks turns him pale and a shiver goes down his spine. He forgets all other activities and turns heaven and earth to prepare himself to face the dreaded question paper. He does not remember to eat food even. As the days of examination draw nearer, the fever rises to touch the highest point and restlessness plus agitation haunts the mind constantly. A student becomes a picture of worry. Some students feel so miserable that the family members pity him. “Woe, that’s me!” is written all over a student’s face.

But is examination such a monster? No, sir. The examinations urge and inspire the students to work and study hard. They make students serious, regular, punctual and disciplined as regards their studies and other activities.

A student is cleansed of his frivolous and churlish tendencies.

Examinations instill a sense of responsibility and a desire to do better and outscore others in the marks. They generate healthy competition, encourage a student to sharpen his wits and develop his potentials to the fullest. Thus, he gets prepared to face far more severe and complicated tests of life. The discipline and skills created during the preparations for examinations become one’s assets which prove so helpful in real life situations. Thus, the talent, temperament, seriousness, skills, abilities and discipline acquired during studies, exercises and training stand in good stead later in student’s adult professional life.

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Title-Examinations-Pros and Cons

Text— Examinations are real torments of student life. It is nightmare time when a student has to plunge himself in the feverish activity of reading books and note books for fear of failure. He forgets all other activities including eating. There is no peace or respite. But it is not all bad. The examinations have brighter side too.

They make students disciplined, seriously hard working and purposeful. The competition to outdo others hones their skills, talents and other potentials which arms them with capabilities to face the tougher tests of real life. Infect, examinations season the raw students.

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