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How to write Precis, 8 some useful tips to write precis in examination.

8 some useful tips to write precis.

Precis Briefing

Precis is a brief summary of paragraph, passage or an essay dealing with a subject. It is essence of the entire matter therein covering salient points, facts and the statements. A precis presents the main idea and the theme sifting out unnecessary details, wordplay, illustrations, exemplification and the frills of idioms, phrases, sayings, comparisons etc. An ideal precis consists of only 1/4 of the words used in the original matter but never more than 1/3 although there is no hard rule.

The real trick lies in correctly grasping the meaning of the passage, its theme and general idea. The precis writing teaches the student to express an idea in his own words in brief, focus on the main theme and the real art of separating grains from the chaff.



  1. Read the passage carefully with application of mind. Read it again and again for better understanding.
  2. Write down salient points or words.
  3. Think of a suitable caption or title. It must express the theme of the passage.
  4. Write down a rough precis and see if it covers all points and explains the theme. Check with the original passage.
  5. Count words or lines to see it does not exceed 1/3 of the original limit.
  6. Use simple student language. Don’t repeat words or sentences. Avoid quotations, proverbs or illustrations.
  7. Write precis in third person, indirect speech and in past tense as far as possible.
  8. Check spellings, grammar and sentences td see if corrections are needed.


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