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Precis Writing “Danger of Little Knowledge” Solved Exercise for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Classes, Competitive Exams.


There is an old saying that empty vessels make much noise. In real life it aptly fits on the persons who have little knowledge. The knowledge indeed is power but a little of it sometimes proves very dangerous if acquired by a small, mind. It belies the belief that the knowledge is acquirable as much as one can and some knowledge is better than no knowledge.

A little knowledge in small character goes to head and turns it around. It is quite common to see a person of shallow achievement parading his little knowledge trying to make others believe that they are seeing wisest person of the land. He expects others to make obeisance to him and sing the praises of his greatness. If that does not happen the man of the little knowledge gets angry or sullen. He acts squeamish and deludes himself with the thought that the people are too stupid to understand the matters of wisdom.

This little knowledge showmanship is noticeable in chatty women and men of low origins. Their little knowledge fills up their small minds and they become swollen headed with pride. When confronted by a truly learned man such a person hides behind the wall, of cynicism and finds pleasure in throwing mud at the great one using his shallow knowledge as a spade. A real man of wisdom considers such mudslinging too below his dignity to react against. That makes the person of little wisdom consider it his victory.

Persons of little knowledge assume the role of know-all. Hence they don’t take other’s advice and don’t learn lessons. As a result they mess up their lives through silly decisions, ill-conceived ideas, ill-judged assessments, miscalculations and in trying to match up to their own tall claims they fall that on their faces. Eventually they become laughing stocks.

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Title—Danger of Little Knowledge

Text — Although it is true that something is better than nothing but in the case of knowledge, a little of it with a shallow character can be harmful. It leads his small mind into believing that he is the wisest one of the world. So, he becomes boastful and wants everyone to worship him.

Such characters come generally from the race of women and the class of low birth. Such persons of little knowledge work their own downfall through pigheadedness, stupid acts, half baked ideas, silly decisions, uneducated judgments, boastful claims and the outrageous statements.

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