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Paragraph on “Telephone” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12


The invention which transformed the world of communication, the Telephone, was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. Its frequent use has today made it an inseparable part of our lives and we hardly stop to think how it may work. Telephones are made in various shapes and sizes but some of the essential features include a circular or push button dialling pad and a hand piece alongwith a base unit, in some cases, is common to all.

When we pick up the handset or the receiver to speak to someone, ‘a catch in the base unit or in the hand set is released and an electric current is sent to the exchange, the dial tone we hear is a confirmation that the exchange is ready to receive our call. Dialling the number turns on or turns off the current one to ten times depending upon the number dialled. Once the person called has picked up the phone at his end, we speak into the mouth piece.

This mouthpiece contains a small receiver with a thin membrane. Behind this membrane is a small enclosure containing carbon granules. As we speak the vibrations of our voice strike the membrane and cause the carbon granules to compress or decompress depending upon the modulations of our voice. Compressed granules offer lesser resistance to electric current and vice-versa, this causes a voice modulated current to flow through the telephone line. When our voice is received at the other end, the receiving apparatus located in the earpiece reverses the process and the sound is heard.

When we dial a number, in the telephone exchange, the equipment is able to identify the numbers and the code of the exchange being called accordingly an automatic switching takes place and the call is connected to the person called.

At a smaller level such exchanges are also used within a large office with limited telephone lines. Such small exchanges are generally operated with the help of a telephone operator who transfers the call to a separate extension.


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