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Paragraph on “Computers” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12



Computers are capable of doing small things like playing games to bigger ones like guiding a spacecraft in outer space. Simply put, the computer is like a storage cabinet which is capable of storing data in an organised manner, besides this it is also capable of accessing the data very quickly and also analysing it based upon our requirements. The description may seem fascinating but a computer is not capable of thinking on its own. ‘ While counting we use the numbers 0 to 9 but the computer understands only l’s and 0’s. Computers understand binary language which is made up of eight digit combinations of 1 and 0. A common computer comprises of three units i.e. the Keyboard, used for inputting the data, the Visual Display Unit (V.D.U.), the screen on which we see the data and the Central Processing Unit (C.P.U.) where the data is processed. Since computers cannot do anything on their own, they e a set of instructions pre-fed into them, these instructions are called programs. When we want the computer to do something, we first punch in a command through the keyboard, this command is conveyed to the C.P.U where it initiates a programme in the computer which allows us to work further on feeding, accessing or analysing data. Storage of data within the computer is done on a Hard Disk, a combination of specially coated disks, on which data is stored magnetically. Externally the data from a computer can also be stored on Magnetic tapes or flexible Floppy disks. Computers are available in all shapes and sizes, smaller and more commonly seen computers are called Personal Computers (P.C.) and the bigger ones called the Main Frame Computers. Still bigger are the Super Computers which are used for complicated tasks and they have many capabilities but only a few of these exist across the world. Data from a computer can be printed with the help of a separate attachment called a printer.


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