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Paragraph on “Washing Machine” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Washing Machine

Washing of clothes is carried out by forcing detergent and water through them with the hands. In a washing machine the activity of the hands is substituted by the rapid movement of the machine either with the help of a rotating agitator arm or in a cylinder equipped with fins. Once the dirty laundry is put into a machine, adequate quantity of detergent is put into a compartment. A tinier is then set for the type of wash and the machine is switched on. Since it is connected to a supply of water, the washing machine now draws in water into the detergent compartment, the diluted detergent flows into the area where the laundry is placed. The agitator arm or the steel drum with fins is now activated and a rotation of the clothes begins. After some time, depending upon the setting on the timer, the machine stops and pumps out the dirty soap water with the help of an in-built pump. Fresh water is then drawn in and the clothes are washed Depending upon the type of clothes and the type of wash cycle, a second rinsing might be required. Subsequently they are spun in the machine at a very high .speed thus forcing out the water in clean water from the clothes and preparing them for drying.


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