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Paragraph on “Protection Against Illness and Disease” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Protection Against Illness and Disease

The human body, if well maintained is it’s own best doctor. Our body has important mechanisms with which it can defend itself and cure itself. The Inflammation mechanism destroys invading germs and the repair mechanism in the body takes care of mending the torn or injured tissue. Where any of these mechanisms fail or become weak, modern medical science can support them and protect our body. Among the other defence mechanisms, the skin is the first which prevents the bacteria from entering the body, we have mucus in the nose and throat, tears in the eyes to wash germs, saliva in the mouth and acid in the stomach, and finally the antibodies in the blood. The old saying ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ is considered very important because even medical science emphasises that it is important to know what causes ill health and then take corrective action in advance to prevent the sickness. It is essential to eat proper food, have proper hours of sleep, exercise the body regularly and take timely and proper medication  required. The body is fully capable of  overcoming and resisting disease with the help of Antibodies present in the lymph nodes and blood streams. Most of us are immune to most diseases but in case we are not then the body produces these antibodies, if we are attacked by such a disease. Immunises are also developed artificially with the help of vaccines. If we get an external injury like a cut, then the body immediately initiates a repair mechanism and the first thing that happens is that a blood clot forms on the wound and the flow of blood is stemthed. After some time the white blood cells move into that area and begin to remove bacteria and infection, and subsequent to this the fibroblast cells begin to repair the torn tissue while the epidermal cells begin to form a new outer surface and skin. Understand your body and its needs and take care of it.


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