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Paragraph on “Diseases” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12



Everyone, at some stage, in a lifetime suffers from one disease or the other. Some may be minor and may be cured quickly while others may require prolonged treatment. Diseases can strike any part of our body and some may even become chronic (those which lost for n long time) diseases can be caused due to harmful micro organisms  which may enter  our body while inhaling or through the consumption of contaminated wider and toed. There may be other diseases which occur at birth, thus called ‘congenital’, because they are are passed down from the parent to the child. Cures for most diseases are known to man but the reasons why some of them, like cancer, occur, are still unknown. Infectious diseases are spread from person to person mostly by microscopic organisms called ‘Viruses’ and ‘Bacteria’. Viruses carry Measles and Chicken Pox while Cholera and typhoid are examples of bacteria borne diseases. Viruses and bacteria are  microscopic organisms which cause a disease when they enter a healthy cell in the body where the reproduce and make the person sick. Diseases are also caused because of living in a polluted environment, excessive eating or hick or food. Pollution may lead to lung related problems, excessive eating may cause obesity, heart ailments or diabetes while lack of food may lead to anaemia, scurvy, rickets etc. Our body has a mechanism of natural defence against disease but recently a new killer disease called ‘AIDS’, short for ‘Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome’, has been identified which destroys our body’s defence mechanism. No cure has so far keen found for this disease. Often there are outbreaks of a particular disease in a particular area or country which effects o large number of people, such out breaks are called Epidemics’ they may be of Chicken pox, Malaria, Cholera, Meningitis etc. Governments usually take precautions in advance to prevent. Epidemics by vaccinating people or by spraying insecticides etc.



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