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Paragraph on “Hospitals” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12


In the 19th century hospitals were unclean and unhealthy places used more for confining patients with infectious diseases. Today a hospital is generally housed in a large building and is staffed with Doctors, Nurses and operating staff. Like other big establishments, hospitals also have separate departments which would include an X-ray department, a pathological laboratory, operation  theatres, intensive care units, emergency and casualty departments, catering department etc. Besides these are wards, which is a large hall, where a large number of beds are placed next to each other for patients.

Hospitals also have separate rooms for treating the relatively serious patients. There are General hospitals for common ailments like minor surgery, childbirth etc and specialised Children’s hospitals where children are treated, these hospitals have nurseries and specially trained staff for handling children and their rooms are equipped in a manner which allows the parents to stay with the children.

All hospitals have Operation theatres, these are specially equipped rooms in a sterile environment where surgery is carried out on patients. Most hospitals have an intensive care unit where patients with serious ailments are treated and kept under observation with the help of sophisticated electronic equipment. In hospitals the senior doctors, specialists and surgeons are assisted by junior members of staff or interns, doctors under training, and by nursing staff. Routine monitoring of the patient’s symptoms and administering of medicine is carried out by the Nurses while the doctors take up more complicated problems. Patients visit hospitals both for minor ailments and short stays or for major ailments and long stays. Accident victims patients in a serious condition or those who are immobile are brought to the hospital in an Ambulance, generally attached to that hospital or called for from the local Ambulance service.


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