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Paragraph on “The Dentist” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

The Dentist

A good diet and regular brushing helps us maintain healthy teeth. But there are occasions when we need the help of a doctor. A doctor who treats problems relating to teeth and gums is called a ‘Dentist’. Since we cannot see into all the nooks and corners of our teeth and there are places where even the bristles of our tooth brush can’t reach, the bacteria in our mouth breaks down the sugar in our food to form acid and decay often sets in and cavities are formed. A dentist’s special equipment which includes an angled mirror and a bright light helps him in locating cavities and signs of decay. A dentist’s clinic usually comprises of a large adjustable chair which can recline backwards with a powerful and adjustable overhead light in front of it. The angle of the chair can be adjusted by the dentist hydraulically with the help of a foot pedal. The patient is asked to sit on the chair and his teeth are examined, incase cleaning or drilling is required in any of the teeth then the dentist uses drills which revolve upto 3,00,000 times per minute and smoothly remove decay. Dentists also have a small X-ray machine next to the chair with which they can take X-rays N of the teeth and examine the condition of their roots. Dental treatment has today become safe, effective and almost painless. When decay sets into a tooth, the dentist first cleans out the decayed area with a drill and after cleaning it, he fills it with a synthetic resin which is hardened with the help of light. Dentists, as far as possible, try to save teeth by cleaning and filling or capping them, it is only as a last resort that they prefer to extract them. Once a large number of teeth have been extracted from a person’s mouth, they are replaced with dentures (artificial teeth). To keep teeth clean they should he brushed individually with small hard strokes and a rolling movement should be used since it cleans the teeth from all directions.


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